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BCA-404 Visual Basic 2015 Question Papers Uttarakhand Open University Question Papers

Uttarakhand Open University Question Paper,
Roll No. ...........................
BCA-10 (Bachelor of Computer Application) 4th Semester Examination-2015
BCA-404 Visual Basic
Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks : 60
Note : This paper is of sixty (60) marks divided into three (03) sections A, B, and C.
Attempt the questions contained in these sections according to the detailed instructions
given therein.
Section - A (Long Answer Type Questions)
Note : Section 'A' contains four (04) long-answer-type questions of fifteen (15) marks each.
 Learners are required to answer any two (02) questions only. (2×15=30)
1. Explain all looping statements in visual basic with example.
2. Explain the data types available in Visual Basic.
3. Explain properties of the Text Box, Label, Rich Text Box, and Picture Box and with examples.
4. Explain the procedure to create menu through menu editor in Visual Basic.
Section - B (Short Answer Type Questions)
Note : Section 'B' contains eight (08) short-answer-type questions of five (05) marks each.
Learners are required to answer any four (04) questions only. (4×5=20)
1. What do you mean by ADO?
2. Explain Msgboxf() and Inputlsoxt().
3. Differentiate between label and text box.
4. List the difference between list box and combo box.
5. What are the advantages of OLEDB?
6. What do you mean by array? Give examples.
7. Write a brief note on forms available in visual basic.
8. What is the difference between option and checkbox?
Section - C (Objective Type Questions)
Note : Section 'C' contains ten (10) objective-type questions of one (01) mark each.
All the questions of this section are compulsory. (10×1=10)
Select the correct option :
1. "dim" is a .............
(a) data type (b) keyword
(c) operator (d) symbol
2. Visual Basic forms are identified by a:
(a) ".frm" suffix (b) ".mak" suffix
(c) ".for" suffix (d) A special icon
3. Which is not an integer data type ?
(a) Single (b) Byte
(c) Short (d) None of the above
4. In Visual Basic, a variable name cannot be more than ........... characters.
(a) 450 (b) 255
(c) 355 (d) 500
5. Visual Basic maintains a project file with the extension ........
(a) .frm (b) .vbp
(c) .vbs (d) .cls
6. ........... is a set of sequentially indexed elements having the same type of data.
(a) Loop (b) Array
(c) Variables (d) Objects
7. Which is not a main component of the Visual Studio IDE?
(a) Solution Explorer (b) Tool Box
(c) Start Menu (d) Designer Window
8. Which is not true about forms and controls in Visual Basic?
(a) They are pre-built
(b) They are graphical objects
(c) New versions of the classes must be created with each project
(d) Buttons can be created with the drag and drop method
9. Visual Basic is a(n)............... .
(a) Procedural programming language
(b) Object-oriented programming language
(c) Hyperlink programming language
(d) Sequential programming language
10. ADO stands for ............
(a) Active Data Objects
(b) Access Data Objects
(c) Access Data Online
(d) None of the above
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