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BCA-19 Web Technology Uttarakhand Open University Question Papers 2015 Question Papers

Uttarakhand Open University Question Paper
Roll No. ....................................
BCA-11/BA-IT-12 Bachelor of Computer Applications
Sixth Semester Examination-2015
BCA-19 Web Technology
Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks : 60
Note : This paper is of sixty (60) marks divided into three (03) sections A, B, and C.
Attempt the questions contained in these sections according to the detailed instructions
given therein.
Section - A (Long Answer Type Questions)
Note : Section 'A' contains four (04) long-answer-type questions of fifteen (15) marks each.
Learners are required to answer any two (02) questions only. (2×15=30)
1. What do you understand by Static, Dynamic and Active web page? Explain.
2. Explain the following:
a) client server computing concepts  b) HTTP
c) TFTP  d) Simple Network Management Protocol
3. Write code in HTML and Java script to develop a simple calculator which performs arithmetic operations (Add, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division).
4. Differentiate between Application Server and Web Server.
Section - B (Short Answer Type Questions)
Note : Section 'B' contains eight (08) short-answer-type questions of five (05) marks each.
 Learners are required to answer any four (04) questions only. (4×5=20)
1. What is Client-Side scripting language?
2. What do you understand by DHTML? Explain.
3. Write about lists and their types.
4. What is the difference between Hyperlink and Hypermedia?
5. Write a note on PHP.
6. Create form in HTML/DHTML to accept follow ing information from user and write java script to ensure that these fields are not blank:
• Student Name
• User Name
• Password
7. Write the difference between CSSP and JSSS.
8. Explain Objects, Methods, Event s and Functions in java script.
Section - C (Objective Type Questions)
Note : Section 'C' contains ten (10) objective-type questions of one (01) mark each.
All the questions of this section are compulsory. (10×1=10)
1. HTML stands for
A) Hyper Text Markup language B) Hyper Text Markup line
C) Hyper Test Markup language D) None of the above
2. DHTML stands for
A) Dynamic Hyper Test Markup language B) Dynamic Hyper Text Markup line
C) Dynamic Hyper Text Markup language D) None of the above
3. PHP stands for
A) Hypertext Preprocessor B) Pre Hypertext processor
C) Pre Hyper Processor D) None of the above
4. PHP run s on different platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.)
A) True B) False
5. SMTP stands for
A) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol B) Sample Mail Transfer Protocol
C) Simple Markup Transfer Protocol  D) None of the above
6. WWW developed by
A) Tim Burners Lee B) Steve Jobs
C) Bill Gate D) Charles Babbage
7. Founder of Facebook
A) Steve jobs B) Tim Burners Lee
C) Mark Zuckerberg D) None of the above
8. URL stands for
A) Universal Resource locator B) Uniform Resource Locator
C) Universal Resource location D) None of the above
9. Who developed the Whatsapp?
A) Jan Koum B) Mark Zuckerberg
C) Steve Jobs D) None of the above
10. WWW stands for
A) World Wide World B) World Wide Web
C) World Web Wide D) World Web World
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