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University of Calcutta BCA HANDLING OPERATING SYSTEM 2010 Question Paper

Name of University: University of Calcutta
Term of exam : Semester 3
Year of exam : 2010 Question Paper
Course : BCA
Maximum marks : 75
Time : 3 hours

1. All questions of SECTION-A are compulsory. Each question carry TWO marks.
2. Attempt any NINE questions from SECTION-B. Each question carry FIVE marks.

(15 × 2 = 30 Marks)
l. Write short notes on :
(a) What is meant by unattended installation ?
(b) What is the use of SYSCON utility ?
(c) Differentiate between primary and extended partitions.
(d) What is Router ?
(e) Define the Kernel of an operating system ?
(f) What is Hot Fix information ? .
(g) Define Registry.
(h) How the file events can be viewed and audited in Windows NT ?
(i) What is client-server model ?
(j) What are performance logs ?
(k) What is directory replication service ?
(l) Distinguish between local group and global group.
(m) What is RAS ?
(n) What is SCSI hard disk technology ?
(o) Define UNC

(9 × 5 = 45 Marks)
2. Give various features of NTFS file system.
3. (a) Elaborate the function of Hyper terminal in Window NT?
(b) Which Novell Netware tool allows managing resources?
4. (a) What is an Access Control Entry?
(b) How does the Logon process work?
5. Explain in detail the various differences between Windows 95 and Windows NT workstations.
6. Explain the features and capabilities of Windows NT.
7. What is control panel ? What kind of settings can be done in the control panel ?
8. Explain all the eight built-in local groups on domain controllers and built-in global groups on domain controllers.
9. Write the steps to make a printer shareable in Windows NT network.
10. Explain the fault tolerant-RAID levels supported Windows NT server.
11. Explain Configuring of Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop Access.
12. What are the different messages that appear on a Netware server and workstation?
13. Explain the following :
(a) PDC
(b) System policies
(c) Ping utility


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