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NOU BBA Computer Practical 2015 Question Paper

Nalanda Open University
Annual Examination - 2015
Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Part-I
Paper-V (Computer Practical)
Time: 3.00 Hrs. Full Marks: 50
Answer all questions

1. Perform the following tasks using MS -Windows:
 (a) Pin a new program in the taskbar.
 (b) Change the primary and secondary mouse buttons.
 (c) Create a folder of your name on the desktop and make it hidden.
 (d) Change the screen saver of desktop to "NALANDA OPEN UNIVERSITY".
2. Perform the following tasks using MS-Word document:
(a) Create a document with two paragraphs on "The importance of Distance Education".
(b) Give proper heading to the document.
(c) Change the paragraph spacing to 14 pt. (before and after) and line spacing to 2.5 lines.
(d) Write the steps to create a mail-merge document for giving invitation for Birthday Celebration.
3. Perform the following tasks using MS -EXCEL:
(a) Create a mark-sheet of BBA for 10 students with roll-no, name, marks, total, average, percentage and grades as following.
i) if percentage >=75 then Grade "A"
ii) if percentage >=65 then Grade "B"
iii) if percentage >=55 then Grade "C" else "FAIL"

(b) Create a chart for the mark-sheet.
(c) Give a proper heading to the graph.
4. Create a PowerPoint presentation of your own choice which includes slide transition and rehearse time with proper slide background.
5. Name any five components of Email and explain its uses. 
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