Friday, July 29, 2016

NOU BA Political Thought Paper IV 2015 Question Paper

Nalanda Open University
Annual Examination - 2015
B.A. Political Science (Honours), Part-III
Paper-VI (Political Thought)
Time: 3.00 Hrs. Full Marks: 80
Answer any Five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. Explain Kautilya's views on Kingship.

2. Critically examine Plato's theory of Education.

3. Discuss Plato's concept of Communism of Property and Wives.

4. Examine Aristotle's theory of Slavery.

5. Describe the causes and cures of Revolution according to Aristotle.

6. Describe Hobbes's concept of State of Nature and Natural Rights.

7. Why is Locke regarded as the founder of Liberalism?

8. Present a critique of Rousseau's' theory of General Will.

9. Describe J.S. Mill's theory of Liberty.

10. Write short notes on any Two of the following :
(a) Kautilya's Mandala Theory
 (b) Plato's Ideal State
 (c) Aristotle's concept of Law
 (d) Mill's theory of Utilitarianism


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