Thursday, July 14, 2016

ISRO Electronics and Communication Engineering Model Question Paper

Hi readers, welcome back to our portal where we upload a lot of question papers asked in the previous years. Today we have come up with an update related to ISRO examination. As most of the readers who are preparing for ISRO exams might know that ISRO conducts tests every year. We have received mails from our subscribers to give some information regarding the ISRO Previous Papers for ECE. So not to avoid the interests of our viewers we have come with this post, and we would also like to enlighten readers about previous papers for other departments to in our next posts. So keep an eye on our portal.

About ISRO
ISRO Satellite Center is the lead center of the Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) responsible for design, development, assembly & integration of communication, navigation, remote sensing, scientific and small satellite missions. It’s mission is to design and development of satellites and related technologies for providing access to space and Research and development in satellite related technologies. In this post we will give you the details regarding the ISRO Previous Papers for ECE. So please do keep on reading this post.

ISRO Electronics and Communication Engineering - Download Link:
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