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B.Sc Life science Acharya Nagarjuna University General English May 2015 Question Paper

University | Board: Acharya Nagarjuna University ANU
First Year Part – I: ENGLISH Paper - I : General English
Time : 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 80
(Analysis Skills)
1) a) Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow: (5×1 = 5)
In my short career as a collector of other possessions, I had made a study of men‟s faces when they had lost their goods. The greedy man showed panics, the rich man showed anger, the poor man showed resignation. But I knew that Anil‟s face, when he discovered the theft, would show only a touch of Sadness, not for the loss of money but for the loss of trust.
i) What was the narrator‟s short career?
ii) What did Harisingh collect?
iii) What was the reaction of different people?
iv) What would Anil‟s face show?
v) Whose faces did Harising observe?

b) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow by choosing the right answer: (5×1 = 5)
He always remembered where he had came from and when he had some real money and moved into a comfortable house, his mother and father went with him. Later, when he grew rich and bought Graceland he sent for his grandmother and widowed aunt. He also hired cousins and friends who needed work. He said, Sir and Maam to his seniors, loved singing spiritual and when he was conscripted he served two years in the US Army without a complaint or special favour, when they saw me working in the kitchen and doing guard duty. Elvis Presley once said, they realized well he‟s just like us.

i) Which of the following adjectives sums up Elvis as a person?
1) Humble and human
2) Cold and stiff
3) Mean and petty
4) Rude and arrogant

ii) The word conscription means
1) Working in the kitchen
2) Doing guard duty
3) Compulsory service in the army
4) Singing spiritual songs

iii) Elvis must have came from
1) A poor background
2) An aristocratic background
3) A rich background
4) An upper-middle class background

iv) After getting rich, Elvis Presley
1) Turned cool towards his friends and relatives
2) Didn‟t do much for his friends and relatives
3) Helped his friends and relatives
4) Scorned his friends and relatives

v) The pronoun he in this passage refers to
1) US army officer
2) Graceland
3) Elvis cousin
4) Elvis himself

2) a) Correct the following sentences. (5×1 = 5)
i) He is junior than me
ii) He ordered for a cup of tea
iii) She packed her luggages
iv) The news are true
v) They are living in Tirupathi since 1992.

b) Rewrite the sentences as directed: (5×1 = 5)
i) He drove a car. (Change into passive voice)
ii) It is a docile animal. (Add a question tag)
iii) The manager said „„I am very busy‟‟. (Change into Direct speech)
iv) She is nervous. She can‟t speak. (Combine into a Simple sentence)
v) Bombay is the Biggest City in India. (Change into Positive Degree).

c) Change the following into Direct speech. (2×1 = 2)
i) Ramu told that he had posted the letters.
ii) Father asked his son where he was going.

d) Fill in the blanks with correct forms of verbs given in the brackets. (5×1 =5)
i) Many a flower _________ (be) seen in my garden.
ii) Probably it ________ (rest) on some mountain side.
iii) And all the while it ______ (roll) at the bottom of the river.
iv) He ran fast last he _______ (miss) the bus.
v) He ______ (go) for a walk in the morning.

e) Fill in the blanks with suitable words given at the end of the list. (5×1 = 5)
i) It _____ last night.
ii) The boy _______ every morning from five to seven.
iii) When I was ________, the telephone rang.
iv) Delhi ______ the capital city of India.
v) She has been ______ from typhoid for the last three days (eating, rained, studies, suffering, is)

f) Rewrite the following set of jumbled sentences to make them into a coherent passage: (3)
i) People said that she had once been young and pretty.
ii) She had been old and wrinkled for the twenty years that I had known her.

iii) They say that she even had a husband and that was hard to believe. i
v) My grandfather‟s portrait hung above the mantel piece in the drawing room.
v) My grandmother like everybody‟s grandmother was an old woman.

g) Attempt a dialogue between two friends discussing goal setting. (3)
h) Write a paragraph using the following hints: (4)
The role of advertisements in sales _____ types of ads _____ purpose _____cost involved -_______ a burden to the customer or an advantage.
i) Write in about 100 words on any one of the following. (4)
1) Influence of T.V. on society
2) Sound pollution
3) Inter caste marriages

SECTION –B (Descriptive Skills)
3) Write an essay on ONE of the following. (1×6 = 6)
a) How the Lovers did come together ultimately in Lovers Reunion?
b) Describe briefly how Nehru spent his days in prison.
c) In what ways does Bronowsky say that we are better than our love fore-fathers?

4) Write short notes on any three of the following. (3×4 = 12)
a) Did Milton-express his faith in god?
b) Describe the express in your own words.
c) Why does Gieve Patel write against killing a tree?
d) What is the central idea of the poem „„Sonnet to Science‟‟.
e) What is the effect of the Piano on the Africans?

5) Write an essay on ONE of the following. (1×6 = 6)
a) Describe the pathos of the refugees in the story The Refugees.
b) Comment on the significance of the title Lemon, Yellow and Fig.
c) Narrate briefly the story of The Fortune Teller.

6) a) Explain any two of the following. (2×3 = 6)
i) No, its a kind of rheumatism she gets sometimes.
ii) „You‟ are fortunate. It is god Subramanya who has come to visit you.
iii) My hand found the edge of the mattress, slipped under it with the notes.

b) Explain any one of the following: (1×4 = 4)
i) How soon hath time the subtle thief of youth?
ii) God made heaven and earth for joy.


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