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Patna University B.Com Part-I Auditing 2009 Question Paper

University: Patna University
2009 Question Paper
Subject: B.Com. Part-I, Auditing
Full Marks : 100
Time : 3 hours
The questions are of equal value
Answer any five questions

Question Paper Description: B.Com Commerce Patna University, B.Com. Part-I, Auditing 2009 Question Paper

1. Define Continuous Audit. State its merits and demerits.

2. What is an Audit Programme and how is it prepared?

3. What do you mean by depreciation? Discuss different methods of providing depreciation.

4. How will you audit the accounts of an educational institution? Explain.

5. "Accounting begins where book-keeping ends and auditing begins where accountancy ends." Discuss.

6. Define Internal Check. Discuss the main objects of Internal Check.

7. Discuss the procedure of appointment of a company auditor.

8. Define Investigation. Explain the difference between Investigation and Auditing.

9. What is Divisible Profit? Discuss auditor's duties in this connection.

10. Write notes on any two of the following :
(a)Advantage of Auditing
(c)Objects of verification
(d)Capital Expenditure.

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