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Assignment and Transportation Problems (DOR-02) July 2012 Question Paper

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University
Term End Examination July - 2012
Course: Diploma in Operation Research (DOR)
Roll No.
Subject: Assignment and Transportation Problems. (DOR-02)
Date: 07/07/2012
Time: 03.00 to 06.00
N.B.: All questions carry equal Marks.
Total Marks: 70
Q.1 Explain the Mathematical model of Transportation problem. (14)
Explain Assignment Problem .
Q.2 Explain the Travelling Salesman Problem. (14)
Describe the steps to the method of solution for the Assignment Problem.
Q.3 Solve the following assignment problem to maximize the total expense for Ram ltd. (14)

Attachment for downloading full question paper...

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