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Lucknow University B.A Part I Psychology Paper I 2008 Question Paper

B.A ( Part I) Examination 2008
University / Board: Lucknow University - Old Question Papers / Previous Years Question Papers / Model Question Papers / Sample Question Papers
Course: B.A Psychology
First Paper
Question Paper Description: 2008 Lucknow University B.A Psychology Part I Paper I Question Paper Free Download
Time Allowed : Three Hours
Maximum Marks:35

Note: Total Number of questions to be answered is Five. Question no. 1 is compulsory.Attempt one question from each unit.

1.Write short notes on the following: 15
(i) Pituatry Gland
(ii) Drive
(iii) Retina
(iv) Extinction
(v) Cardinal Trait

2.What are the steps of experimental method?Discuss its merits and demerits.
3.What is consciousness?What changes to take place in consciousness?

4.What is selective attention?Discuss filter theory of attention.
5.Define perceptions.Describe the various determinants of perception.

6.What are the basic processes of classical conditioning?Discuss.
7.Describe the characteristics of motivated behaviour and elucidate the concept of motivational cycle.

8.Define intelligence.Describe the various types of intelligence test.
9.Discuss the stratigies involved in problem solving.

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