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Calicut University BCA A01-COMMUNICATION SKILLS IN ENGLISH 2009 Question Paper

Calicut University Question Paper
Course: B.C.A Computer Application
(Common Course)
Time : 3 Hours Total Weightage : 30
Question Paper Description: 2009 Calicut University B.C.A Computer Application A01-COMMUNICATION SKILLS IN ENGLISH (Common Course) Question Paper

I. Answer the three bunches of questions as directed: (Weightage 1 each):

(A) 1. Transcribe the word: class.
2. Rewrite the word in normal spelling: /gou/
3. Mark the stressed syllable : January.
4. Differentiate between : ship and sheep.
(B) 5. Mark the pauses and sense groups : CouldyoutellmewhenIcanmeetyouatyourcityoffice.
6. Mark the tone : Stop talking!
7. Show by transcription how the word 'news' is pronounced in British way.
8. Change into an indirect request: Come to my house.
(C) 9. Sources used buy an author is called:_______.
10. Academic listening involves: (a) note taking: (b) form filling: (c) completing tables: (d) all these.
11. Hearing is (a)voluntary:(b)involuntary:(c)deliberate:(d)none of this.
12. A passenger listening to an announcement regarding a train s/he waits for should note
(a) train number: (b) Train name:(c) destination: (d) all these.

II. Answer in a sentence or two all the nine questions:(9*1=9)
13. Write the noun form of the word'enjoy' and use it in a sentence.
14. What should a person remember when giving instructions?
15. What is a syllable?Give an example.
16. Bring out the difference in the pronunciation of /s/ and /z/ with an example for each.
17. What are the different weak forms of 'am' and 'is' ?
18. 'Yes or No questions' are spoken in rising tones. True or False?
19. How are speed/pace of delivery change in the presentation of un familiar information?
20. Respond to the request : can you spare your book?
21. Seek permission from your teacher to go home ten minutes earlier than usual.

III. Answer any five questions out of 7 in a paragraph each:(5*2=10)
22. Barriers to listening.
23. Explain the difference between British and American pronunciation of words like ask, dance and fast.
24. Explain scanning with examples.
25. You met someone who is new to the city and wants help to reach a particular college. The other person seeks help and you offer it. Present it not less than six exchanges.
26. Identify the vowels in the word farm,pen,put and cut. Write their phonetic symbols and provide one example for each.
27. There has been a collision between vehicles in the vicinity your house. The police officer who does not know Malayalam seeks your help.Write six exchanges between you and him through which you let him know what happened.
28. Identify the consonants in fat, cat, chin and June. Write their phonetic symbols and give one word as example for each.
IV. Answer any two out of three given in about 200 words:(2*4=8)
29. Write an essay on telephone skills.
30. Write an essay on the Dos and Don'ts of Group Discussion.
31. Explain the different ways of greeting and introducing with appropriate examples.
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