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ANU B.Tech CS IT Network Security April 2016 Question Paper

ANU Question Paper Previous Years
[Total No. of Questions : 09]
CS/IT 321 (CR)
III/IV B.Tech Degree Examinations, March April 2016
Second Semester
Network Security
Time : 3 hours
Maximum Marks : 70

Answer question No.1 Compulsory
Answer ONE question from each Unit

1. Briefly explain following [7 x 2 = 14M]
a) Security services
b) Rotor machines
c) Testing for primality
d) Message authentication code
e) Euler's totient
f) Firewalls
g) Weaknesses of a packet-filtering router

UNIT - I [1 x 14 = 14M]

2. a) What are the various components of symmetric cipher model? Explain.
2. b) What are the two basic functions used in encryption algorithms?
2. c) How many keys are required for two people to communicate via a cipher? (OR)
3. a) What are the differences between RC5 and RC2?
3. b) Explain various modes of operations of block ciphers.

UNIT - II [1 x 14 = 14M]

4. a) List four general categories of schemes for distribution of public keys.
4. b) Explain Chinese Remainder Theorem. (OR)
5. a) Explain public key Crypto Systems.
5. b) Explain in detail about Euclid's Algorithm.
5. c) Give a brief account on Random number Generation.

UNIT - III [1 x 14 = 14M]

6. Define digital Signature. Explain its role in network security. (OR)
7. a) What is R64 conversion? Why is R64 conversion useful for an e-mail application? Explain.
7. b) Write a brief on HMAC.

UNIT - IV [1 x 14 = 14M]

8. a) What problem was Kerberos designed to address?
8. b) What are the three threats associated with user authentication over a network or Internet?
8. c) Write a brief on Intrusion detection. (OR)
9. Write a short note on
a) Electronic mail Services
b) Firewalls.
c) Trusted Systems

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