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ME2041 Advanced IC Engines April May 2016 Important Questions

Looking for Important Questions 2016 of ME2041 Advanced IC Engines? You can here download unitwise big questions that will be useful for your upcoming examinations of Anna University Chennai. Look at the questions and collect them for your reference.

Anna University Exams April / May 2016
B.E / B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
Regulation 2008
Important Questions
8th Semester Questions

Unit I
1. By means of suitable graph explain the necessary carburetor performance to fulfill engine requirements.
2. Explain the factors that affect the process of carburetion
3. What are the various types of combustion chamber s used in SI engines? Explain them briefly?
4. Explain the various factors that influence the phenomena of knock in SI engines.
5. How the power and efficiency of the SI engine vary with air- fuel ratio for different load and speed conditions?
6. What are different air -fuel mixture on which an engine can be operated?

Unit II
1. Explain Turbo charging in CI engines. What are the effects of turbo charging on CI engines?
2. Bring out clearly the process of combustion in CI engines and also explain the various stages of combustion. What is delay period and what are the factors that affect the delay period?
3. What are the main factors affecting the penetration of the fuel spray in CI engines?
4. Explain with figures various types of combustion chambers used in CI engines.

Unit III
1. What are catalytic converters? How are they helpful in reducing HC, CO and NOx emissions?
2. What is smoke and classify the measurement of smoke?
3. Describe in detail the causes of hydrocarbon emissions from SI engines.
4. Explain the internationally accepted methods of measuring the following invisible emission
5. Give a brief account of emissions from CI engines.

Unit IV
1. Explain alcohols as alternate fuels for IC engines bringing out their merits and demerits.
2. Explain the two methods by which hydrogen can be used in CI engine.
3. What is natural gas? List the advantages and disadvantages of using natural gas as alternate fuels?
4. Give a brief account of LPG being used as an alternate fuel in SI engine?
5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using LPG in SI engines? Compare LPG and petrol as fuel for SI engines.

Unit V
1. What is a learn burn engine? What are the advantages of using learn mixture in SI engine?
2. Explain the characteristics of Homogeneous charge compression ignition engine.
3. What do you understand by charge stratification? Explain the method of achieving the same with suitable sketches. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of charge stratification.
4. With neat sketch, explain the exhaust emissions with different air-fuel ratio lean burn spark ignition engines.
5. What is the necessity for gasoline injection? Explain with suitable sketch.

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