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IGNOU MS-423 Marketing of Financial Services June 2015 Question Paper

Looking for IGNOU Old Question Papers for MBA department? You can here download MS-423 : MARKETING OF FINANCIAL SERVICES June 2015 Question Paper. Download it in both text and image formats below.

IGNOU Old Question Papers
No. of Printed Pages : 2
(Banking and Finance)
Term-End Examination
June, 2015
Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100
(Weightage 70%)
Note : (i) Attempt any five questions.
(ii) All questions carry equal marks.

1. What are 'services' ? Explain the main characteristics of services. How products and services differ from each other ?
2. What are the general objectives behind pricing of products and services by Banks ? Discuss the
various approaches adopted by banks for pricing their products.
3. Explain the process of new product development. What role does brand play in Bank Marketing ?
4. How is 'Debenture Trustee' defined by SEBI ?
What are its obligations and responsibilities ? Discuss the major characteristics of Merchant Banking Services.
5. Explain the benefits of Life Insurance and discuss the factors which influence marketing strategies
in the insurance sector.
6. Discuss the various aspects that are involved in the appraisal of a Project Report.
7. Write short notes on :
(a) Credit Rating
(b) Zero Coupon Bonds
(c) Venture Capital
(d) Global Depository Receipts
8. (a) Describe the general categories of call center technologies that need to be reviewed when
establishing a call center.
(b) Discuss the benefits of Electronic Billing Systems.


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