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CE2451 Engineering Economics and Cost Analysis April May 2016 Important Questions

Anna University Chennai - Important Questions
B.E Civil Engineering Final Year
B.E / B.Tech Degree Examination April / May 2016
CE2451 Engineering Economics and Cost Analysis
Eighth Semester / 8th Semester
Regulation 2008
Important Questions (Unit-wise)

Unit I:
1. (i) Discuss the nature and scope of Managerial Economics
(ii) Explain how managerial economics helps in solving managerial problems

2. (i) How will you make your decision process be more effective
(ii) Discuss about the characteristics of managerial decisions

3. (i) Enumerate the concepts of extension and contraction in demand
(ii) Differentiate monopoly from monopolistic competition

4. (i) Explain all types of elasticity of supply with neat diagram
(ii) Explain the determinants of demand in detail

5. (i) Explain 'Flow in Economy' in detail
(ii) What is demand forecasting? Explain any four methods of forecasting

Unit II

6. (i) Compare co-operative society and joint stock company
(ii) Explain the functions of central banking system

7. Explain the following with suitable example
(i) Proprietorship
(ii) Partnership
(iii) Joint Stock Company

8. (i) Discuss about the various types of elasticity and supply
(ii) Explain the factors determining elasticity and supply

9. (i) Explain the concept of arc elasticity and supply with example
(ii) P1 = Rs. 100, P2 = Rs. 400, Q1 = 500 units, and Q2 = 1200 units. Calculate the price elasticity and supply

10. (i) Explain how supply and demand determine the equilibrium. What happens if the supply curve shifts to the left?
(ii) State the purpose of current ratio

Unit III
11. (i) Explain the features of joint stock company
(ii) Enumerate the limits of credit caution

12. (i) State and explain the functions and services of commercial bank in India
(ii) Explain about mixed economy

13. (i) Explain the characteristics of public corporation
(ii) Differentiate Proprietorship and Partnership

14. (i) A factory can sell 2000 units of its product in home market at Rs. 16 each. The marginal cost / unit is Rs. 14/-. and fixed overheads are Rs. 5000/-. It can also sell another 2000 units in the foreign market at Rs. 16/- each. The additional package and export expenses will be Rs. 1/- per unit. Advice the management suitably.
(ii) Explain the marginal cost pricing. Write advantages of it.

15. Explain in detail about credit control in India.

Unit IV
16. Name of the financial instructions available in industry to meet the financial needs. Also outline the objectives of each of these instructions

17. Explain various methods and sources of finance

18. Explain the features of short run average cost curve and long run average cost curve with neat sketch.

19. Enumerate and explain the types of appraisal process

20. (i) List and explain the limitations of financial statements
(ii) Prepare the balance sheet with imaginary data and explain the terms

Unit V
21. (i) Differentiate perfect oligopoly and imperfect oligopoly
(ii) Why study of competition in the market is essential

22. (i) Explain how cost o/p relationship helps entrepreneurs in expansion decisions
(ii) Explain, (1) Marginal Cost Pricing (2) Going Rate Pricing

23. (i) Distinguish short run and long run costs
(ii) How could you find the optimum size of the firm?

24. (i) Depict Break Even Chart and explain the terms used in break even analysis
(ii) Write assumptions in the break even analysis

25. Explain the different types of costing

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