Monday, March 7, 2016

CU Alternative English Paper II B.A B.Sc 2013 Question Paper

Searching for previous years question papers / old question papers of Calcutta University? You can here download May 2015 question paper of Alternative English - Paper II for this university.
Name of the University: Calcutta University
College Name: College of Ramakrisna Mission Vidyamandira
Type of College: Autonomous
Exam Year: May 2015
Exam Date: 08-5-2015
Course: B.A / B.Sc
Term: First Year
Semester: 2 / II / Second semester.
Subject: Alternative English - Paper II
Time: 1 hours
Full marks: 15
Attachment Type: Image (one page)

Sample Questions:
1. Discuss the consequences of greed in ‘The Rocking Horse Winner’. [5]
2. Why are the characters in ‘Richard Cory’ unhappy? What can we learn from it? [5]
3. What is samskara? How to acquire a good character? [2]
4. What are the different ways in which we can serve our fellow beings? Which of them is the highest help and why is it considered so? [3]
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