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Acharya Nagarjuna University, M.Sc II Year Physics Paper I 2015 Question Paper

ANU Question Paper
Acharya Nagarjuna University
Distance Mode Question Paper
(DPHY 21)
Second Year
Paper - I: Electromagnetic Theory and Modern optics
Time : 03 Hours Maximum Marks : 80
Answer Any Five questions
All questions carry equal marks
1) a) Discuss dielectric reflection and dielectric refraction.
b) Write about polarization on reflection and polarization on refraction.
2) a) Obtain the expressions for reflection and transmission coefficients.
b) Discuss the reflection of EM wave at conducting surface for oblique incidence.
3) a) Distinguish between two level laser and three level laser.
b) Write the principle and working of He-Ne laser.
4) a) Obtain the expressions of Einstein coefficients.
b) Write the working of semiconductor laser.
5) a) Write principle, basic theory and characteristics of hologram.
b) Describe different types of holograms.
6) a) Describe the phenomenon of total internal reflection.
b) Obtain wave guide equations for step index fibre.
7) a) Discuss graded index fiber structure.
b) Obtain the expression for numerical aperture of a optical fibre.
8) a) Write about absorptic scattering, radiative and core cladding.
b) Explain different fiber fabrication methods.
9) Answer any Two of the following:
a) Monochromacity and coherence.
b) Hologram recording materials.
c) Optical fiber materials.
d) Mechanical properties of fibres.


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