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Tribhuvan University: MGT203 Business Economics 2015 Question Paper

Are you looking for old question / previous years exam papers of Tribhuvan University ? You can find here MGT203 Business Economics 2015 question paper in text format.

Tribhuvan University
Business Economics MGT 203
Business Economics
Exam Year: 2015
Subject: Business Economics
Time: 3 Hours
Full Marks: 100
Attempt any EIGHT questions from Section "A" and ONE question from Section "B".
Section "A"

(Short Answer Questions) 8x10=80

"Micro and macro-economics are complementary to each other." Do you agree?
What is indifference curve? Show why indifference curve is convex to the origin.
Define long run average cost. Why long run average cost curve is less pronounced that the short run average cost curve?
Explain the concept of isoquant.
Show the difference between perfect competition and monopolistic competition.
Explain the marginal productivity theory of wage.
Explain how you compute the value of gross national product and net national product.
Define investment. Explain the different types of investment.
Describe the major effects of depression phase of trade cycle.
How can fiscal policy help in reducing economic inequality? Explain.
 Section "B"

(Long Answer Questions) 1x20=20

What is monopoly? Explain how price is determined under monopoly.
Explain the general theory of employment as propounded by J.M. Keynes.
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