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Top 7 tips on how to deliver a good farewell speech

Giving a good farewell speech is not so easy as it sounds. It is a very difficult task to deliver a speech with heavy heart. So it is important to know some tips that will help a lot if you are going to do one farewell speech. Learn here the top 7 tips for the same.

1. Sense the occasion
2. Be open about your plans
3. Say no to negativity
4. A light tone is perfect
5. Add a touch of good humor
6. Express your feelings
7. Keep a tab on your spoken English skills

Let's see all tips one by one.

Sense the occasion

It plays important role in a farewell speech whether it may be in college, office, schools or anyplace. So you should keep in mind that the kind of people you are going to be addressing. Be confident whatever your occasion. There may formal occasion or informal occasion. One of the example for formal occasion may be with leaving close friends.

Be open about your plans

So you must have a plan which warrants you to leave your present place. Hence make sure that you are going to tell for what reason you are leaving, though the reason is already known by others prior to your farewell.

Say no to negativity

Learn to say no to negativity. Though you had bitter experience in the past, don't reveal it when you are delivering a farewell speech. It will be pointless if you put negative comments. Also make sure that no personnel attack directly or indirectly even if you had it along your journey with any co-worker of your organisation. So politely express your good will when you addressing people with your last speech.

A light tone is perfect

The tone of your voice should be withing limits. Keep your tone gentle and more on the appreciating note.

Add a touch of good humor

Adding a hint of humor along with your speech will make your friends to keep you in memory for years. 

Express your feelings

You can express your feelings that how you and your co-workers got benefited through out your career in the present organisation. Your farewell speech should not hurt the organisation too.

Keep a tab on your spoken English skills

Better communication skills are important to keep your speech alive. So make use of appropriate words, a polite, thankful tone, and light energetic voice along with your good spoken English. Keep a little bit practice before you're on the desk of audience to address.

Okay... We hope you have understood the points. We're preparing a sample farewell speech for various occasions which will be later seen uploaded here. Until then stay tuned with us. You can keep bookmarking us by fingering on your keyboard with CTRL+D.

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