Tuesday, February 16, 2016

TN +1 Common Exam Time Table 2016 Announced

Are you studying 11th standard in TN Schools ? Want to know what time table is to be followed for your annual exams ? You can here download the full time table as the TN school board has released a common time table for all +1 students. So the schools of all Govt and Govt aided should follow these time table to conduct exams for their students. Check out the complete time table below.

08-03-2016 (Tuesday) - Language I
11-03-2016 (Friday) - Language II
16-03-2016 (Tuesday) - English I
17-03-2016 (Wednesday) - English II
22-03-3016 (Tuesday) - Physics, Economics, Biochemistry, Advanced Language (Tamil), and Statistics
24-03-2016 (Thursday) - Biology, History, Botany, Business Maths
29-03-2016 (Tuesday) - MP, MPT, GM-I, EMA-I, Computer Science
31-03-2016 (Thursday) - Chemistry, Accountancy, VOC, GM-II, EMA-II
15-04-2016 (Tuesday) - Mathematics, Zoology, Nutrition & Dietetics, DDM, Food Management, Child Care, Typewriting (Tamil / English) (2 and 1/2 hours), Agriculture Practice, Political Science, Nursing (VOC), Nursing (GEN).
16-04-2016 (Wednesday) - Commerce, Home Science, Geography

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