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Punjab University OCET-2012 MPEd Question Paper

Punjab University
OCET-2012 Question Paper
Question Booklet Series : A
Important : Please consult your Admit Card / Roll No. Slip before filling your Roll Number on the Test Booklet and Answer Sheet.
Roll No.
Answer Sheet Serial No.
Signature of the Candidate :
Subject : M.P.Ed. (Master of Physical Education)
Time : 90 minutes Number of Questions : 75 Maximum Marks : 75
1. Write your Roll No. on the Question Booklet and also on the OMR Answer Sheet in the space provided and nowhere else.
2. Enter the Subject and Series Code of Question Booklet on the OMR Answer Sheet. Darken the corresponding bubble with Black Ball Point /Black Gel pen.
3. Do not make any identification mark on the Answer Sheet or Question Booklet.
4. To open the Question Booklet remove the paper seal (s) gently when asked to do so.
5. Please check that this Question Booklet contains 75 questions. In case of any discrepancy, inform the Assistant Superintendent within 10 minutes of the start of test.
6. Each question has four alternative answers (A, B, C, D) of which only one is correct. For each question, darken only one bubble (A or B or C or D), whichever you think is the correct answer, on the Answer Sheet with Black Ball Point / Black Gel pen.
7. If you do not want to answer a question, leave all the bubbles corresponding to that question blank in the Answer Sheet. No marks will be deducted in such cases.
8. Darken the bubbles in the OMR Answer Sheet according to the Serial No. of the questions given in the Question Booklet.
9. Negative marking will be adopted for evaluation i.e., 1/4th of the marks of the question will be deducted for each wrong answer. A wrong answer means incorrect answer or wrong filling of bubble.
10. For calculations, use of simple log tables is permitted. Borrowing of log tables and any other material is not allowed.
11. For rough work only the sheets marked “Rough Work” at the end of the Question Booklet be used.
12. The Answer Sheet is designed for computer evaluation. Therefore, if you do not follow the instructions given on the Answer Sheet, it may make evaluation by the computer difficult. Any resultant loss to the candidate on the above account, i.e., not following the instructions completely, shall be of the candidate only.
13. After the test, hand over the Question Booklet and the Answer Sheet to the Assistant Superintendent on duty.
14. In no case the Answer Sheet, the Question Booklet, or its part or any material copied/noted from this Booklet is to be taken out of the examination hall. Any candidate found doing so, would be expelled from the examination.
15. A candidate who creates disturbance of any kind or changes his/her seat or is found in possession of any paper possibly of any assistance or found giving or receiving assistance or found using any other unfair means during the examination will be expelled from the examination by the Centre Superintendent / Observer whose decision shall be final.
16. Telecommunication equipment such as pager, cellular phone, wireless, scanner, etc., is not permitted inside the examination hall. Use of calculators is not allowed.
M.P.Ed.(Master of Physical Education)-A/FRH-41376 2
M.P.Ed.(Master of Physical Education)-A/FRH-41376 3
M.P.Ed.(Master of Physical Education)/A
1. What does the Olympic Flame symbolize ?
(A) A zeal to play sports (B) Challenge
(C) Continuity (D) Integrity
2. If a match live commentary in Delhi commences at 10.00 am, at what time the viewer at London should tune into it ?
(A) 4.00 a.m. (B) 4.30 a.m.
(C) 4.45 a.m. (D) 4.50 a.m.
3. Who was the first male sprinter to win Olympic gold in 200 m and 400 m races at the same time ?
(A) Michael Johnson (B) Carl Lewis
(C) Colin Jackson (D) Jesse Owens
4. The term ‘caddy’ is associated with :
(A) Golf (B) Billiards
(C) Bridge (D) Snooker
5. Physical activity is basically a :
(A) Social attribute (B) Psychological tendency
(C) Biological necessity (D) Philosophical concept
6. Supination and Pronation are the movements of :
(A) Tibia-Febula Joint (B) Carpal-Metacarpal Joints
(C) Radio-Ulnar joint (D) Tarcal-Metatarcal joint
7. Which word from the following list is a component of health-related fitness ?
(A) Power (B) Endurance
(C) Exercise (D) Co-ordination
8. Which of the following demonstrates the importance of AGILITY ?
(A) Ability to get a quick start and leave the opposition behind
(B) Ability to dodge opponents and get free
(C) Ability to increase the range of movements possible at a joint and hold a better technical shape
(D) Ability to move two or more body parts together to produce a technically correct shot.
M.P.Ed.(Master of Physical Education)-A/FRH-41376 4
9. Which Principle of Training is being applied when a coach devises two different training programmes for two different athletes, even though they are training for the same event ?
(A) Specificity (B) Progression
(C) Reversibility (D) Individual Needs
10. ‘ATLAS OF MAN’ which describes the body types was written by :
(A) Heath (B) Carter
(C) Kretchmer (D) Sheldon
11. Dynamometer is used to measure :
(A) Flexibility (B) Agility
(C) Strength (D) Speed
12. Recreation Movement in India was started by :
(A) De Mellow (B) G. D. Sondhi
(C) H. C. Buck (D) Vaidya P. R.
13. Teaching is also a learning activity for teachers as :
(A) It develops an in depth understanding of a discipline
(B) Teachers need to do action research
(C) Teachers learn a lot from their students
(D) Teaching is a process, not a product
14. Profuse sweating during strenuous physical activity causes the loss of :
(A) Sodium chloride (B) Potassium
(C) Calcium (D) Glycogen
15. Which country is said to be the pioneer in starting the Recreation movement in the
world ?
(A) USA (B) England
(C) China (D) Germany
16. The best indicator for measuring the intensity of your workout is :
(A) The total time of the conditioning bout (B) Rapid breathing
(C) The amount of perspiration (D) Your heart rate
17. Which country’s Olympic athletes sport the letters RSA on their vests ?
(A) Russia (B) South Africa
(C) South Korea (D) South America
M.P.Ed.(Master of Physical Education)-A/FRH-41376 5 [Turn over
18. Muscles which cause the joints to bend are called :
(A) Flexors (B) Extensors
(C) Abductors (D) Adductors
19. Which of the following is a set of five events included in Modern Pentathlon ?
(A) Cycling, Skating, Shooting, Gymnastics, Running
(B) Judo, Shooting, Swimming, Cycling, Running
(C) Horse riding, Fencing, Shooting, Gymnastics, Running
(D) Horse riding, Fencing, Shooting, Swimming, Running
20. The rate of progress in learning slows down and reaches a limit beyond which further improvement seems impossible. It is known as :
(A) Plateau (B) Loss of interest
(C) Boredom (D) Difficult stage
21. ‘Exercise for the body and music for the soul’ : in which country this common adage was used ?
(A) Italy (B) France
(C) Greece (D) Germany
22. The initial steep rise in the learning graph is an indication of quick progress and is technically known as :
(A) ‘End spurt’ (B) ‘Initial spurt’
(C) ‘Saturation point’ (D) ‘Initial start’
23. Which among the following sports is NOT a part of the London Olympics ?
(A) Taekwondo (B) Baseball
(C) Table Tennis (D) Triathlon
24. What is the normal range for BMI in humans ?
(A) 19-25 (B) 18-24
(C) 18.5-24.9 (D) 18.2-24.2
25. Complete the series-Race : Fatigue ::Fast : ?
(A) Food (B) Hunger
(C) Appetite (D) Weakness
26. Find the odd one out :
(A) P.T. Usha (B) Milkha Singh
(C) G.S. Randhawa (D) Kamaljit Sandhu
M.P.Ed.(Master of Physical Education)-A/FRH-41376 6
27. What is the motto of London Olympics 2012 ?
(A) Inspire a Generation (B) One world one dream
(C) Gateway to the Future (D) With Glowing Hearts
28. In races that do not start in lanes, competitors may be divided into two groups and placed
on separate arced starting lines according to the following :
(A) 65% of runners placed on outer lanes arced line
(B) 35% of runners placed on inner lane arced line
(C) 65% of runners placed on inner lane arced line
(D) None of the above
29. The inner lining of heart is called :
(A) Myocardium (B) Pericardium
(C) Endocardium (D) Epicardium
30. Which city will host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games ?
(A) Sochi (B) La Rinconada
(C) Rio de Janeiro (D) Vancouver
31. The gladiatorial combats were a very popular past time for all sorts of people in
ancient :
(A) Greece (B) Rome
(C) China (D) Germany
32. Who is the first Indian woman to reach the semi finals of All England Badminton
Championship ?
(A) Jawala Gutta (B) Sania Mirza
(C) Aparna Popat (D) Saina Nehwal
33. Which of the following should be the primary objective of an intramural program ?
(A) Involving the greatest possible number of students in the program
(B) Providing for well-balanced competition in individual and team sports throughout the
(C) Stimulating the interest of spectators and gaining Newspaper coverage of intramural events
(D) Providing a wide variety of activities for teams and for individuals
34. Which sport was originally called Mintonette ?
(A) Basketball (B) Volleyball
(C) Handball (D) Football
M.P.Ed.(Master of Physical Education)-A/FRH-41376 7 [Turn over
35. The rotator cuff is formed by all of the following except :
(A) Subscapularis (B) Teres minor
(C) Teres major (D) Supraspinatus
36. Russian athletes took part in Olympic Games for the first time in :
(A) 1908 (B) 1912
(C) 1896 (D) 1904
37. Study of muscular system is called :
(A) Mycology (B) Musculogy
(C) Myology (D) Mytology
38. The two principal contractile proteins found in skeletal muscle are :
(A) Actin and Troponin (B) Actin and Myosin
(C) Troponin and Tropomyosin (D) Myosin and Tropomyosin
39. The low intake of carbohydrate in the diet :
(A) Does not influence exercise performance in events lasting less than 10 minutes
(B) Affects the resting muscle pH
(C) May impair high intensity exercise performance
(D) Results in greater reliance on muscle glycogen during exercise
40. Training for strength or power has little effect on :
(A) Muscle mass (B) Muscle strength
(C) Anaerobic capacity (D) Aerobic capacity
41. Students’ intrinsic motivation is most likely to be enhanced by physical education
activities that :
(A) Provide opportunities for self determination through choice
(B) Follow a familiar and predictable structure
(C) Encourage comparisons of performance among peers
(D) Consist of easily accomplished tasks that guarantee success
42. A physically educated person is best described as an individual who :
(A) Participates in physical activity on a daily basis
(B) Understands the physiological basis of the effects of physical activity and inactivity on the
(C) Knows the rules and regulations of a wide variety of sports
(D) Has the knowledge, skills, fitness, and attitudes necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle
M.P.Ed.(Master of Physical Education)-A/FRH-41376 8
43. Which of these combined events is NOT part of track and field ?
(A) Triathlon (B) Pentathlon
(C) Decathlon (D) Heptathlon
44. The summer Olympic Games have been held in 3 different cities in the USA : Los
Angeles and Atlanta are two of them. Which is the other ?
(A) Chicago (B) San Diego
(C) St. Louis (D) New York
45. The fly zone is what ?
(A) Where runners wait to enter the track
(B) Where discus is thrown
(C) Where vaulters leave the ground
(D) Where runners in a relay can begin to exchange
46. Which officials are the eyes of the referees in athletics ?
(A) Judges at the finish (B) Umpires
(C) Time keepers (D) Marshals
47. What does the second letter in the acronym “IAAF” stand for ?
(A) Amateur (B) Association
(C) Athletics (D) Asian
48. The exchanging of gases for the purpose of producing energy is called _________.
(A) Breathing (B) Respiration
(C) Circulation (D) Restitution
49. Find out which one is a Nautical sport :
(A) Rowing (B) Trampoline
(C) Shooting (D) Golf
50. A _________ section divides an organ into top and bottom.
(A) Sagittal (B) Oblique
(C) Coronal (D) Transverse
51. Which bones do not belong to the axial skeleton ?
(A) Skull (B) Spinal column
(C) Ribs (D) Hip bone
52. The Brisbane Cricket Ground is also known as :
(A) The Gabba (B) Lord’s
(C) Carisbrook (D) Centurion Park
M.P.Ed.(Master of Physical Education)-A/FRH-41376 9 [Turn over
53. The breakline in 400m track shall be :
(A) A straight line (B) A dotted line
(C) An arched line (D) Broken line
54. In 1976 Montreal Olympics, who was the first Asian to reach the finals of 800m race in
Athletics ?
(A) Harichand (B) Shivnath
(C) Shri Ram Singh (D) Bhadur Prashad
55. In which country is “bull-fighting” a very prestigious sport ?
(A) Sweden (B) Somalia
(C) Spain (D) Singapore
56. Who is considered as the Father of Kinesiology ?
(A) Hippocrates (B) Galon
(C) Aristotle (D) Socrates
57. Dr. B. L. Gupta Trophy is associated with :
(A) National championship (B) Inter-University championship
(C) North Zone Inter-University championship (D) Federation Cup
58. Which vein carries oxygenated blood ?
(A) Superior vena cava (B) Pulmonary vein
(C) Inferior vena cava (D) Varicose veins
59. Nurture is also known as :
(A) Training (B) Heredity
(C) Conditioning (D) Reasoning
60. The onset of puberty for boys is between _________ years; for girls it is between
_________ years of age.
(A) 9-13; 10-12 (B) 13-16; 11-14
(C) 8-11; 9-13 (D) 11-14; 13-16
61. The length of trachea (wind pipe) in an adult person is about :
(A) 20 cm (B) 10-14 cm
(C) 10-16 cm (D) 5-9 cm
62. Who declares the ‘Olympic games close’ ?
(A) Chairman JOC (B) President IOC
(C) Secretary IOC (D) Prime Minister of the country
M.P.Ed.(Master of Physical Education)-A/FRH-41376 10
63. What will you do as Principal if a teacher of the school does not come to a function of
school on time ?
(A) You will ask him to meet you after the function is over
(B) You will complain this to the management committee of the school
(C) You will scold him before everyone
(D) You will tell him about his responsibilities
64. How many apparatus are used in women artistic gymnastics ?
(A) Two (B) Three
(C) Five (D) Four
65. An umpire in ‘Hockey’ shows green card. He is indicating for :
(A) Warning (B) Temporary suspension
(C) To start the game (D) Exclusion from game
66. In Cycle Racing, what is a sag wagon ?
(A) Vehicles picking up riders who have dropped out
(B) Fastest rider in a race
(C) Slowest rider in a race
(D) Vehicle carries cycles
67. The most important skill of teaching is :
(A) Making students understand what the teacher says
(B) Covering the course prescribed in his subject
(C) Keeping students relaxed while teaching
(D) Taking classes regularly
68. There will be better communication in a lecture if a teacher :
(A) Reads from prepared notes
(B) Prepares the notes well in advance and uses them as a guide
(C) Talks extempore
(D) Talks extempore drawing examples from other disciplines
69. The centre controlling point of cell is :
(A) Mitochondria (B) Nucleus
(C) Golgi apparatus/body (D) Cytoplasm
M.P.Ed.(Master of Physical Education)-A/FRH-41376 11 [Turn over
70. When we mark two starting lines in long distance events it is called _________.
(A) Split start (B) Curve start
(C) Echelon start (D) Diagonal start
71. The maximum weight of the cross bar shall be _________ in pole vault.
(A) 2 kg (B) 2.25 kg
(C) 2.50 kg (D) 2.75 kg
72. Which Official shall check the readiness of baton in relay race ?
(A) Starter (B) Recaller
(C) Starter’s Assistant (D) Line man
73. Complete the series 3, 10, 24, 45 ?
(A) 62 (B) 94
(C) 73 (D) 81
74. Synchronized swimming became an official Olympic event in :
(A) Helsinki (1952) (B) Montreal (1976)
(C) Moscow (1980) (D) Los Angeles (1984)
75. Which one of the following is a key process in physical education ?
(A) Effort (B) Competence
(C) Developing skills and techniques (D) Performance

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