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MSBTE Design of Steel Structures 2014 Question Paper

Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai
Sample Question Paper
Course Name : Diploma in Civil Engineering
Course Code : CE/ CR/ CS/ CV
Semester : Fifth
Subject Title : Design of Steel Structures
Marks : 100 Time: 4 Hrs.
1. All questions are compulsory
2. Illustrate your answers with neat sketches wherever necessary
3. Figures to the right indicate full marks
4. Assume suitable data if necessary
5. Preferably, write the answers in sequential order

Q1 A) Attempt any THREE 3 x 4 = 12
a) State any four advantages of steel as a construction material.
b) State any four types of loads to be considered for design of steel structures.
c) Define Limit State and state different types of limit states.
d) Describe single shear failure in case of a Lap Jointed tension member.
Q1 B) Attempt any ONE 1 x 6 = 6
a) An ISA 80 x 80 x 8 @ 75.5 N/m is welded to 10 mm thick gusset plate. Design the joint for factored tensile force of 200 kN. Assume permissible shear stress in weld material as 108 MPa. For ISA 80 x 80 x 8 Czz = 22.7 mm.
b) 2 ISA 60 x 60 x 6 is connected back to back on either sides of 10 mm thick gusset plate using fillet weld. Draw plan & section of this connection.
Q2. Attempt any TWO 2 x 8 = 16
a) A lap joint consists of two plates (150 x 12mm) connected by means of 20 mm dia bolts of grade 4.6. All bolts are in one line. Calculate strength of single bolt and number of bolts to be provided in the joint.
b) In a truss 2 ISA 100 x100x8mm, 3 m long is used as a strut. It is welded to gusset on either sides. Calculate design strength of strut. Take rzz = 18.97 mm. Values of fcd ( N/mm2) are….

Full Question Paper can be downloaded from, PDF of MSBTE Design of Steel Structures 2014 Question Paper
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