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Are you looking for old question papers of KSOU ? You can here download KSOU 3rd Semester BBA / LLB 5 years question paper for ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT. It is Dec 2014 exam paper. Use it for your upcoming exams.

Karnataka State Law University, KSOU
Third Semester 
5 Years B.B.A. LL.B.  (Hons) Examination, December 2014
Duration : 2 ½ Hours Max. Marks : 70
Instructions : 1. Answer Q. No. 8 and any five of the remaining questions.
2. Q. No.  8 carries  20  marks and  the  remaining questions carry 10 marks each.
3. Answers should be written either in English or Kannada completely.

Marks : 4×10=40
Q. No. 1. What is entrepreneurship ? Explain the concept of entrepreneurship.

Q. No. 2. Explain the role of entrepreneurship in economic development.

Q. No. 3. Explain McClelland’s theory of motivation.

Q. No. 4. Explain  the  objectives  of  entrepreneurship  development programme.

Q. No. 5. Explain the factors influencing on selection of a product.

Q. No. 6. Explain the process of project formulation.

Q. No. 7. Write any two of the following : Marks : 2×5=10

(c) Difference between entrepreneur and manager.

Q. No. 8. Write any two of the following : Marks : 2×10=20

(a) Explain different techniques of market survey.

(b) Explain the legal requirements for establishment of new units.

(c) Explain briefly the external environmental factors which influence on entrepreneurship.

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