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GATE-2016, MN Mining Engineering Question Paper PDF

Looking for GATE-2016, MN Mining Engineering Question Paper PDF ? You can here download 2016 question paper for MN Mining Engineering. The students like you are searching for past exam papers of GATE-2016. So you are able to forward this post, you can do it. Check out the details of the question paper below and download it from the PDF file link attached below.

Exam Board: IIT Bangalore
Exam Name: GATE 2016
Exam Subject: MN Mining Engineering
Session: 2
Study Materials Download Link: GATE-2016, MN Mining Engineering Question Paper PDF

Some Samples of Questions asked:
Q.17 Jack hammer does NOT contain
(A) pawl and ratchet
(B) gear box
(C) rifle bar
(D) piston

Q.18 At the inlet of a mine roadway, the dry and wet bulb temperatures of air are 380Cand 290C,
respectively. At the outlet, the corresponding temperatures are 320C and 290C, respectively. The
process of heat transfer in the airway is described as
(A) evaporative cooling
(B) sensible cooling
(C) sensible heating
(D) dehumidification

Q.19 Underground coal mines are in principle ventilated by exhausting system, so that
(A) spontaneous heating risk is reduced
(B) fumes can be quickly removed in case of an underground fire
(C) build-up of methane concentration is decreased
(D) cool and fresh intake air can enter underground

Q.20 Identify the WRONG statement.
Pit bottom air lock
(A) prevents the short circuiting of air when the flow is reversed in coal mines
(B) has at least three doors
(C) has at least one door that has provision for latching
(D) all doors are in principle designed to open towards high pressure side of the air

Q.21 Identify the WRONG statement.
The ‘temperature inversion’ of the atmosphere in surface mines aggravates the problem of
(A) airborne dust
(B) noise
(C) ground vibrations
(D) visibility

Q.22 In a CO self rescuer, the purpose of the calcium bromide and lithium chloride mixture is to
(A) dry the incoming air
(B) convert the CO catalytically to 2 CO
(C) absorb and thereby neutralise CO
(D) cool the inhaled air from excess exothermic heat due to chemical reaction
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