Monday, February 8, 2016

GATE-2016 BT Biotechnology Question Paper PDF

Looking for GATE 2016 Biotechnology Syllabus / Question Papers ? You can here download 2016 question paper for Biotechnology. It is session 2 examination in the past GATE-2016 exams. Check out details provided below and download the past papers.

Exam Board: IIT Bangalore
Exam: GATE 2016
Subject: BT Biotechnology
Question Paper: PDF format of GATE 2016 Biotechnology Question Paper- Session 2
Download Link => GATE-2016 BT Biotechnology Question Paper PDF

Q. 26 – Q. 55 carry two marks each.
Q.26 Which combination of the following statements is CORRECT for cyanobacteria?
P. They can perform oxygenic photosynthesis
Q. Usually filamentous forms are involved in nitrogen fixation
R. Nitrogen fixation occurs in heterocysts
S. They cannot grow in a mineral medium exposed to light and air
(A) P, Q and R (B) P, S and R (C) Q, R and S (D) P, Q and S

Q.27 Which set of the following events occurs during the elongation step of translation?
P. Attachment of mRNA with the smaller subunit of ribosome
Q. Loading of correct aminoacyl-tRNA into the A site
R. Formation of a peptide bond between the amino acyl-tRNA in the A site and the peptide chain that is attached to the peptidyl-tRNA in the P site
S. Dissociation of the ribosomal subunits
T. Translocation of peptidyl-tRNA from the A site to the P site of the ribosome
(A) P, Q and R (B) P, Q and T (C) Q, R and T (D) R, S and T

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