Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tumkur University, BCA 5th Semester 5BCA1 Java Programming 2010 Question Paper PDF

Those who are looking for old question papers of Tumkur University can download 2010 question paper of BCA examination here. 5 BCA 1 : Java Programming subject exam paper has been uploaded here. Check out the details and download PDF question below.
Tumkur University
V Semester B.C.A. Examination, December 2010
(New Scheme)
5 BCA 1 : Java Programming
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 80
Instruction : Answer all the Sections.
I. Answer any 8 questions : (8x3=24)
1) Mention the features of Java.
2) Describe the basic structure of Java program.
3) Explain the use of vectors in Java.
4) what is an Abstract class ? Explain with an example.
5) What is a package ? What are the different ways of accessing a package ?
6) What is an Exception ? How do you handle it ?
7) Write any 6 String Buffer methods with syntax.
8) Explain the basic types of java streams.
9) Explain Applet life cycle.
10) How many types of Rectangles can be drawn and explain.


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