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THIRD YEAR M.B.B.S PART - I,2014 Question Paper,Paper III – COMMUNITY MEDICINE - I,Dr. MGR University Question Paper

Dr. MGR University Question Paper
Q. P. Code: 524073
Time: Three Hours Maximum: 60 Marks
Answer ALL questions in the same order.
I. Elaborate on: (2 x 10 = 20)
 1. Describe the epidemiology of hook worm infection.
 Discuss its prevention and control measures.
 2. Describe the epidemiology of Road Traffic Accidents in India.
 Add a note on the preventive measures.
II. Write Notes on: (10 x 3 = 30)
 1. Case finding methods in leprosy.
2. Yellow fever vaccine.
3. Enlist the major air pollutants and describe measures to control it.
4. Describe how to diagnose lead poisoning and how is it prevented.
5. Sickness absenteeism.
6. Vaccine associated paralytic polio.
7. Standard normal curve.
8. Describe briefly the occupational cancers and their prevention.
9. Describe the sanitation measures to be followed in swimming pools.
 10. Discuss the effects of atmospheric pressure on health.
III. Short Answers on: (10 x 1 = 10)
 1. Validity of screening test.
2. Explain meta - zoonosis with EXAMINATIONple.
3. Day light factor.
4. Enlist the bio medical waste disposed in to the black bin.
5. Case definition of suspect case of Japanese encephalitis.
6. Pictogram.
7. Ergonomics.
8. Super chlorination.
9. Disability adjusted life years.(DALY)
 10. Define trans-ovarial transmission with an EXAMINATIONple.
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