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THIRD M.B.B.S.PART - I, 2011 Question Paper,Paper I – OPHTHALMOLOGY,Dr. MGR University Question Paper

Dr. MGR University Question Paper
Revised (Non-Semester) Regulations
Q. P. Code : 524071
Time : Three hours Maximum: 100 Marks
Answer ALL questions.
Draw Suitable diagrams wherever necessary
I. Essay Questions : (2 x 10 = 20)
 1. Discuss the aetiology, clinical features, investigations and management of chronic
 2. Describe the pathogenesis, classification and clinical features and management of
 diabetic retinopathy.
II. Write Short notes on : (10 x 5 = 50)
1. Aetiology and complications of blepharoptosis.
2. Aetiology, signs and treatment of spring catarrh.
3. Discuss ocular manifestations and management of Vitamin A deficiency.
4. Discuss features and management of episcleritis.
5. Classify Uveitis and describe the management of acute iridocyclitis.
6. Discuss the management of acute angle closure glaucoma.
7. Classification and clinical features of hypermetropia.
8. Describe the fundus picture in AIDS.
9. Write briefly on Acanthameba keratitis.
 10. Discuss different diagnosis of leucocoria.
III. Short Answer Questions : (15 x 2 = 30)
1. Two causes of Rubeosis Iridis.
2. Two advantages of indirect ophthalmoscopy.
3. Mention four mydriatics.
4. Two main advantages of phacoemulsification.
5. Two differences between granulomatous and non-granulomatous uveitis.
6. W.H.O. definition of blindness.
7. Four visual field defects in open angle glaucoma.
8. Four differences between papilloedema and papillitis.
9. Describe the layers and functions of tear film.
 10. Two anti-glaucoma surgeries.
 11. Mention two causes of toxic optic neuropathies.
 12. Write about siderosis bulbi.
 13. Write about varieties of retinal detachment.
 14. Draw a diagram of strum’s conoid.
 15. Classify diplopia with one example for each.
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