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Solapure University Question Paper,2015 Question Paper,CIVIL ENGINEERING Paper – III : Modern Topics in Civil Engineering,Ph.D. Course Work

Solapure University Question Paper
Ph.D. Course Work Examination, 2015
Paper – III : Modern Topics in Civil Engineering
Day and Date : Saturday, 6-6-2015 Total Marks : 100
Time : 11.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
Instructions : 1) Answer all the questions.
2) Assume suitable data wherever necessary and state
it clearly.
3) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
1. a) What are the general processes involved in electromagnetic remote sensing ?
What are the primary absorbers of electromagnetic energy in the atmosphere ? 10
b) Answer any two of the following :
i) Explain Vector Data Model and Raster Data model adopted in ‘Geographic
Information Systems’. 5
ii) Describe how GIS can be useful in case of disaster management during
Urban floods. 5
iii) Enlist the Characteristics of Aerial Photographs. 5
2. a) What do you mean by Environmental Auditing ? Discuss the pre-audit activities,
activities at site and post audit activities. 10
b) Answer any two of the following :
i) Discuss the steps taken for predicting and assessing impact of ‘Thermal
Power Project’ on the ‘Air Environment’. 5
ii) Discuss the environmental issues in raising global trade with reference to
‘Sustainable Development’. 5
iii) Discuss critically : “World is becoming more global, it does not necessarily
mean that it is becoming more uniform.” 5
3. a) Solve the following L.P. problem by simplex method.
Minimize : Z = x1 – 3x2 + 2x3
Subject to : 3x1 – x2 + 2x3 <= 7
2x1 + 4x2 >= –12
– 4x1 + 3x2 + 8x3 <= 10
x1, x2, x3 >= 0 10
b) Answer any two of the following :
i) What do you understand by balanced and unbalanced transportation
problem ? How an unbalanced problem is tackled ? 5
ii) What are the conditions for application of the optimality test in case of
transportation problem ? Briefly explain as why these conditions should
be satisfied. 5
iii) Explain with an example the L.P. problem, which has no feasible solution.
Use graphical method to explain. 5
3. a) Write a detailed note on Infrastructure Development in ‘Rods and Highways
Sector’ of India. 10
b) Answer any two of the following :
i) What are the aims and objectives of the ‘Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban
Renewal Mission’ of Government of India ? 5
ii) Discuss the challenges faced by Indian construction industry. 5
iii) Write a note on ‘Public Private Partnership’ in Airport Infrastructure being
developed in India. 5
4. a) A group of 9 piles in a row is driven into soft clay extending from ground level
to a great depth. The diameter and depth of pile are 30 cm and 10 m
respectively. The unconfined compressive strength of clay is 70 kN/m2. If the
piles are placed 90 cm center to center, compute the allowable load on the
pile group, on the basis of shear failure criteria, for a factor of safety of 2.5.
Neglect the bearing at the tip of the piles. Take m = 0.6 for shear mobilization
around each pile. 10
b) Answer any two of the following :
i) Draw a typical section of a ‘Pneumatic Caisson’ and explain the procedure
of its sinking. 5
ii) What do you understand by ‘Reinforced Earth’ ? Explain the mechanism
of its action, in resisting active earth pressure. 5
iii) Write a short note on Bearing Capacity and nature of settlement of
foundations on sanitary landfills. 5
5. a) What is Fiber Reinforced Concrete ? What are the most common materials
used as fibers ? Discuss the factors affecting the properties of fiber reinforced
concrete. 10
b) Answer any two of the following :
i) What do you mean by a ‘Ferrocement’ ? Describe various casting
techniques of ferrocement products. 5
ii) Explain the use of Geotextiles in railway works. 5
iii) Explain with neat sketches, various functions of geotextiles. 5
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