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Paper II – OTO-RHINO-LARYNGOLOGY,Dr. MGR University Question Paper,THIRD M.B.B.S.PART - I,2013 Question Paper

Dr. MGR University Question Paper
Q. P. Code : 524072
Time : 180 Minutes Maximum: 100 Marks
Answer ALL questions.
Draw Suitable diagrams wherever necessary
I. Elaborate on: (2 x 15 = 30)
 1. Enumerate the peripheral vestibular causes of vertigo .
 Discuss the Pathophysiology, Clinical features and Management of BPPV (Benign
 Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo).
 2. Write an essay on the operative procedure of Tracheostomy, its complications
 and types of Tracheostomy tubes.
 Briefly discuss the functions and indications of Tracheostomy.
II. Write notes on: (10 x 5 = 50)
1. Tuning Fork tests
2. Juvenile Nasopharyngeal angiofibroma modes of spread and clinical features
3. Allergic Fungal Sinusitis
4. Physiology of swallowing
5. Quinsy
6. Singers Nodules
7. Treatment for Atrophic Rhinitis
8. Presbyacusis
9. Cholesteatoma
 10. Rhinolith.
III. Short Answers on : (10 x 2 = 20)
1. Semon’s Law
2. Dysphagia Lusoria
3. Griesinger’s sign
4. Paracusis of Willisi
5. Crocodile tears
6. Blood Supply of Tonsil
7. Reinke’s space
8. Potato nose
9. Adenoid facies
 10. Draw the diagram of medial wall of middle ear and name the parts.
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