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Paper I – OPHTHALMOLOGY,Dr. MGR University Question Paper,THIRD M.B.B.S.PART - I,2014 Question Paper

Dr. MGR University Question Paper
Q. P. Code : 524071
Time : Three hours Maximum: 40 Marks
Answer ALL questions.
Draw Suitable diagrams wherever necessary
I. Elaborate on: (2 x 7.5 = 15)
 1. What are the causes of sudden loss of vision, what are the signs and management of
 retinal detachment.
 2. Etiopathogensis of Acute iridocyclitis. How will you manage.
II. Write notes on: (10 x 1.5 = 15)
 1. Clinical features of Pseudophakia
 2. Causes and management of Spring Catarrh
 3. Management of Keratoconus
 4. Causes and investigation of Chalazion
 5. Post operative Complications of cataract surgery.
 6. Management of Chronic dacryocystitis.
 7. Fundus features of diabetic retinopathy
 8. Management of fascicular ulcer.
 9. Types of astigmatism
 10. Cause & management of Geographical ulcer.
III. Short Answers on: (10 x 1 = 10)
 1. Causes of Shallow anterior chamber
 2. Causes of Symblepharon
 3. Define ptosis
 4. Common fungi affecting the cornea
 5. Mention two gram negative micro organisms
 6. Mention four signs of thyroid ophthalmopathy
 7. Mention two common types of Congenital Cataract
 8. Advantages of indirect ophthalmoscope
 9. What is buphthalmos
 10. Name two eye drops used to treat open angle glaucoma.
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