Thursday, January 28, 2016

MKBU Previous Years Question Papers

Looking for MKBU all question papers asked in previous years ? You can here download the question papers listed below for MKBU. Read on!
Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University Question Paper
Course : All courses
Time : 2:30 Hours
Total Marks : 70
Code : 3083
Exam Years : 2015 and old years

  1. MKBU B.A History, History of Ancient India 647 A.D to 1206 A.D 2015 Question Paper
  2. MKBU B.A 2nd Semester Compulsory English Paper-II 2015 Question Paper
  3. MKBU BA 2nd Semester: Economics Paper II 2015 Question Paper
  4. MKBU II Semester B.A, Philosophy Western Logic-II 2015 Question Paper
  5. MKBU B.A II Semester: Political Science Paper-IV 2015 Question Paper
  6. MKBU Hindi (F.S) Paper-3 B.A 2nd Semester Question Paper
  7. MKBU B.A II Sem Micro Economics 2015 Question Paper
  8. MKBU BA Sociology F.S, Paper No. 4 II Sem Oct-Nov 2015 Question Paper
  9. MKBU Sociology (S.S) Paper II B.A Indian Society 2015 Question Paper
  10. American Literature M.A English MKBU Nov 2013 Question Paper
  11. MKBU M.A English The Modernist Literature Nov 2013 Question Paper
  12. MKBU Certificate Course in Basic Jewellery Design New Classical Literature Nov 2012 Question Paper
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