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Major I Prose TU B.A English Dec 2014 Question Paper

Tamil University, Thanjavur, B.A English First Year Major I Prose Dec 2014 Question Paper Free Download

University : Tamil University, Thanjavur
Exam : UG Degree Exam
Course : B.A English
Year : First Year
Exam Year : December 2014
Subject : Major I Prose
Part - A (10X2=20)
Answer all the Questions :
1. How does practical experience help a man?
2. Whom should act according to God in “of great place”?
3. Why Sir Roger called “Committee”as good church of England comedy?
4. Whom does Bencher immitate?
5. Who is the Chinese Philosopher in “Man in Black”?
6. At what time does a poor relation approach us ?
7. What is the secret of a successful Lecturer?
8. Can all the mistakes be corrected?
9. What did Gardiner try to do to the Mosquito?
10. When did this flattery begin?
Answer any Five Questions :
1 1. Discuss about method of studying books?
12. Give the four vices of authority in “of great place”?
13. Write Sir Roger’s experience in theatre?
14. Write a short note on the spectator club?
15. Describe about the real identity in “Man in Black”?
16. Write a few metaphors about poor relation?
17. Why did priestly deny Lectures?
18. Discuss - Gardiner’s train experiences in “A Fellow Traveller”.
Answer any Five Questions in Detail :
19. Describe Bacon’s method of studying books?
20. Bacon’s critical view on “of great place” - explain?
21. Explain the social condition of London in Sir Roger at the Theatre?
22. Give a sketch on man in Black’s attitude towards three beggars.
23. Discuss - Lamb shows a clear picture about poor relation?
24. Priestly does not like to deliver lectures - Discuss?
25. Describe the theme “In praise of mistakes”?
26. Explain - Gardiner’s strange experience with Mosquito?
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