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KSOU 3 Year LLB JURISPRUDENCE July 2015 Question Paper

Karnataka State Law University
KSOU Question Paper
III Semester 3 Year LL.B./VII Semester 5 Year B.A.,LL.B./B.B.A./LL.B.
Examination,  June/July  2015
Duration : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 100
Instructions : 1. Answer Q. No. 9 and any five of the remaining questions.
2. Q. No.  9  carries  20  marks and  the  remaining questions carry 16 marks each.
3. Answers should be written either in English or Kannada completely.

Q. No. 1. Define jurisprudence. Explain its nature and value. Marks : 16

Q. No. 2. Explain the function and purpose of law. Marks : 16

Q. No. 3. Explain legislation as a source of law. Marks : 16

Q. No. 4. Discuss the kinds of rights. Marks : 16

Q. No. 5. Distinguish possession in law from possession in fact. Marks : 16

Q. No. 6. Discuss the different sources of obligations. Marks : 16

Q. No. 7. Explain the importance of the chain of causation in establishing liability. Marks : 16

Q. No. 8. Write short notes on any two of the following : Marks : 2×8=16
(a) Natural Law School
(b) Characteristics of Ownership
(c) Legal status of the unborn person

Q. No. 9. Write explanatory notes on any two of the following : Marks : 2×10=20
(a) Law as a system of rules
(b) Theories of punishment
(c) Ratio decidendi and obiter dicta.

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