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KSEEB SSLC Examinations 2016: Model Paper for First Language English

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Name of the Board / University: Karnataka State Education Examination Board
Name of the Course: S.S.L.C. Examination 2016
Question Paper Name: First Language English
Maximum Marks: 100 Marks
Duration: 3 hours
Year of Examination: 2015-2016
Type of Question Papers : Model Question Paper 2015-16

KSEEB Exam Model Paper
This question paper contains three parts:
A. Prose, Poetry and Supplementary Reading
B. Grammar and Vocabulary
C. Composition and Comprehension

I. Answer the following questions in a sentence each. 4x1=4
1. What does an advertisement aim to do?
2. What does “Moving Finger” mean?
3. Why had Buttoo gone to Dhronacharya?
4. What did Drona seek from Buttoo as recompense?
II. Answer the following in two sentences each. 8x2=16
5. Why did the elders of the worker’s paradise become anxious?
6. What finally forced Frank to go into hiding?
7. What negative impact will the free market economy on our country?
8. Why did the vagabonds go back to the bakery after eating the Pie?
9. How was the majestic neck humbled by the tiger?
10. How did the bride’s father receive Lochinvar? What did he ask him?
11. What was Parashurama’s curse?
12. What prevented Ulysses from attacking the cyclop with his sword?
III. Answer the following question in 5 to 6 sentences each. 5x3=15
13. Why are the gifts of Della and Jim compared to those of the Magi?
14. How does C.V.Raman show that water is the real elexer of life?
15. Why did the poet compare human body to a temple? How did he compare?
16. Why was Billy looking out to sea every morning? Describe the encounter between Billy and the
mysterious sea faring man?
17. What does the poet explain about in the poem “C.L.M.”?
IV. Write with reference with the context. 4x3=12
18. “If you can cure animals, you can cure my son”
19. “Why don’t you look out of the window?” she asked
20. “Bare ruined choirs, when late the sweet birds sang”
21. “Why do they make good neighbours? “

Download Link : https://goo.gl/Yw5yxr

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