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CS010 703 Computer Graphics November 2015 Question Paper

MG University B.Tech CSE, 7th Semester, CS010 703 Computer Graphics November 2015 Question Paper Free Download

Name of University: Mahatma Gandhi University
Year of Exam: Nov 2015
Course: B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
Semester: 7
Subject Code: CS010 703
Subject: Computer Graphics
Time Duration: 3:00 hours
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 40

Part A [5*3=15 marks]

1. Explain the concept of Translation.

2. Compare DDA algorithm with Bresenham's line drawing algorithm.

3. Explain backface detection method.

4. Write a note on Octrees.

5. Compare Raster scan and Random scan displays.

Part B [5*5=25 marks]

6. Explain 2D rotation.

7. Describe quadric surface method to represent 3D object.

8. Write a note on A-buffer method.

9. Explain basic illumination models.

10. Explain 2D reflection in detail.

Part C [5*12=60 marks]

11. Explain the graphical Input Devices.
12. Explain the steps in Bresenham's line drawing algorithm.

13. Describe Surtherland-Hodgeman Polygon clipping algorithm.
14. Explain Cohen-Surtherland line drawing algorithm.

15. Briefly explain the 3D display methods.
16. Explain Bezier curve representation technique and its properties.

17. Write a note on 3D viewing.
18. Explain parallel projection and perspective projection of 3D objects.

19. Describe the various polygon rendering methods.
20. Explain how are fractals classified with examples.

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