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Chhattisgarh (CG) Forest Guards Recruitment: GK Model Question Paper

Chhattisgarh (CG) Forest Guards Recruitment
General Knowledge Sample Questions
Only one answer among the choices given is correct Tick ( ) the appropriate box in the separate answer sheet provided. Do not mark on the question

1. In seven explosions hit Mumbai’s commuter rail network on July 11, 2006,

How many people died.

a) 500 b) 650 c) 200 d) 1200

2. From when cigarette packets to carry skull - and – bones sign.

a) 3rd Nov 2006 b) 15th Dec 2006

c) 8th Jan-2007 d) 1st Feb 2007

3. By how many votes did Sonia Gandhi win in Rae Bareli where election

took place in May-2006.

4. Where did twin explosion that took place in quick succession on April 14,

a) 2,68,900 b) 4,17,888 c) 5,02,680 d) 1,69,670

a) Lucknow b) Hyderabad, c) Mumbai d) Jam Masjid in old


5. During 2006-07 what is the outlay under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban

Renewal Mission of Government of India?

a) Rs.5000 crores b) Rs.4650 crores

 c) Rs.6000 crores d) None of the above three

6. When did union cabinet approve the Draft National Environmental Policy?

a) 18th Apr 2006 b) 18th May 2006

 c) 16th Sept 2006 d) 25th Nov. 2006

7. Who performed the words’ first conscious brain surgery in Australia?

a) Dr. Devi Prasad b) Dr. Vini Khurana & his team

 c) Dr. Brooks d) None of them.

8. Who achieved the HAT-TRIC of taking 3 wickets in T20 match held in South

Africa during 2007?

9. Where did the Agni-III test launched and failed?

a) Ricky Pointing b) Shane Warne c) Brett Lee d) Brooks

a) Sriharikota b) Wheeler island off the coast of

Orissa c) Hassan in Karnataka d) None of the above.

10.Where did the World’s biggest robbery in the history took place on Feb 22,

a) India b) Tonbridge in South West of London c) France d)

11.Name the world’s highest railway?

a) Qinghai-Tibet, b) Siberia

 c) Siliguri-Darjeeling d) Tetley mountain in Switzerland

12.Who won the golden ball award at the FIFA world cup (football) in 2006?

13.Who won the Lal Bhadur Shastri National award in 2006?

14.Name of the person who own the Stockholm water prize in 2006?

a) Ronaldo b) Romario c) Marko Matenazzi d) Zinedaine


a) Dr. Kasturi Rangan b) Dr. A.P.J. Kalam

 c) Dr. Naresh Trehan d) Dr. Manjunath

a) Dr. Swaminathan, b) Dr. Rajaramanna

 c) Calder d) Prof. Asit K Biswas

15.From 1930 to 2006 which country won the world cup (football) for five

16.Who won the Wimbledon men’s singles in 2007?

a) Italy b) France c) Brazil d) Argentina

a) Rafal Nadal b) Mike Bryan c) Roger Federer d)

Fabrice Santro

17.What is the length of tunnel to be dug below 140 mtr under the city of

Niagara falls for diverting water from Canadian Hydroelectric project?

18. The agreement signed on March 21, 2006 for a pipe line from Siberia

(Russia) to China for supply of gas will commence within five years. The

annual supply of gas would be

a) 15.6 Km b) 10.4 Km c) 20 Km d) 8.3 Km

a) 80 billon Cub Mtr b) 120 billon Cub Mtr

 c) 130 billon Cub Mtr d) 56 billon Cub Mtr

19.Who wrote the book titled RUNS AND RUINS?

20.Who wrote the Naked triangle?

21.Who is known as the “father of Geometry”?

a) Kapil Dev b) Sunil Gavaskar c) Imran Khan d)None of the


a) Balwant Gargi b) Khuswant Singh c) Amrit Pitam d) None

of them

a) Kepler b) Eulid c) Pythagorus d)


22.Who was the first women to reach north pole?

a) Miss. Fran Phipps b) Miss Valentina Tereshkova

 c) Miss. Keroline Mikkelsen d) None of these

23.Mother Teresa was born in –

24.Lumbini is a sacred place of the

25. The first to share the Oscar award was

a) Switzerland b) India c) Germany d) Albania

a) Muslims b) Buddhists c) Christians d) Sikhs

a) Hargobind Khorana b) Rabindranath Tagore

 c) Bhanu Athaiya d) None of these

26.India’s first Noble prize was for

a) Physics b) Medicine c) Chemistry d) Literature

27.LASER is on acronym for light amplification by

a) Stimulated emission of Radio waves

b) Stimulated emission of Radiation.

c) Spontaneous emission of Radio waves.

d) Spontaneous emission of Radiation.

a) Smuggling b) Foreign exchange

28.COFEPOSA is associated with one

 c) Both of these d) None of these.

29.Which of the following organisations is not related to education?

30.Where is the “Isle of pearls”?

31.Kautilya’s Arthasastra is a great treatise a on:

a) B.H.U. b) G.N.D.U c) M.D.U. d) C.I.T.U

a) Thailand b) Bahrain c) Japan d) Switzerland

a) Economic policies b) State craft c) Interstate relations

 d) Ethics

32.Buddha was born in

33.Chandragupta Maurya spent his last days at

34.Which dynasty was well known in excellent village administration?

35. The first to have relations with India were the

a) Kapil Vastu b) Lumbini c) Vaishali d) Kosla

a) Shravanabelagola b) Nalanda c) Ujjain d) Patna

a) Pandyas b) Pallavas c) Cholas d) Chalukyas

a) Dutch b) Portuguese c) English d) French

36.Who was the Viceroy of India at the time of formation of the Indian

National Congress?

a) Lord Canning b) Lord Mayo c) Lord Elgin d) Lord


a) Calcutta b) Ahmedabad c) Mumbai d) Pune

37.Quit India movement was adopted by the Indian National Congress at

38.Who among the following were the first British Viceroy as well as Governor

General of India?

 c) Lord Bentinck d) Lord Canning

39.Which of the following was the reason of calling off the non-cooperation

movement by Gandhiji?

a) Lord Dalhousie b) Lord Warren Hasting

40.Huen-Tsang found Jainism flourishing in

a) High pressure from British Government b) Chauri Chaura

incident c) Round table conference d) His


a) Bengal b) Orissa c) Kashmir d) Bihar

41.In the Vijayanagar kingdom the provincial Governors who did not belong

to the royal family but were appointed on merit were generally know as

42.Bal Khalsa was founded by

a) Dalavays b) Dandanayakas

c) Amaranayakas d) Upa Pradhani

a) Guru Gobind Singh b) Kapur Singh c) Ranjit Singh d)

Tej Bahadur

a) O’Dwyer b) Rowlatt c) Curzon Wyllie d) Lord Simon

43.Firing in Jallin Wala Bagh was ordered by

44. To which profession earlier leaders who struggled for freedom of India

belonged to

45.Who was the one of the first Indian leader to agitate for political reforms

(i.e. Freedom of Press, Trial by Jury etc.)

a) Lawyers b) Teachers c) Journalist d) All of the above.

a) Tantia Tope b) Raja Ram Mohan Roy

 c) Kanwar Singh of Bihar d) Nana Sahib

46.Who among the following was the leader of the extremist group in the

Indian National Congress?

47.In which year non-cooperation movement was withdrawn?

48. The rate of land revenue was highest during the reign of

a) Tilak b) Gokhale c) Abdul kalam Ajad d) Motilal Nehru

a) 1917 b) 1820 c) 1923 d) 1920.

a) Ghiyasuddin Balban b) Mohammed Bin Tughlaq

 c) Allauddin Khilji d) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq

49. The largest concentration of Harappan sites has been found along the

50.Shivaji was coronated at

51. The layer of atmosphere close to Earth’s surface is called

52.Earth quakes are caused by

53. The heaviest mass revolving round the Sun?

54. The line join the areas having the same rain fall is called

55.Which of the following explains why there is no total eclipse of the Sun?

a) Sutlez b) Indus c) Ghaggar Hakara d) Ravi

a) Aurangabad b) Rajgarah c) Peshwar d) Bundela

a) Exosphere b) Ionosphere c) Stratosphere d)


a) Earth’s rotation b) Denudation c) Tectonism d) Earth


a) Moon b) Jupiter c) Neptune d)Pluto

a) Isobar b) Isobyte c) Isotherm d) Isohaline

a) Size of the earth in relation to the Sun.

b) Direction of rotation of the earth round the Sun.

c) Orbit of the moon around the Sun.

d) Size of the sun in relation to the Moon.

56. When it is 8 am on Wednesday at Greenwich

a) It is 10.30 pm on Wednesday in London,

b) It is 5.00 pm on Wednesday in Tokyo

c) It is 6.25 am on Tuesday in New york

d) It is 3.00 pm on Wednesday at Honkong

57.Helsinki is the Capital of

58.New more Island is situated in the

59. The longest river of Asia is

60. The second highest mountain peak in the world is

61.Which is the world’s largest mountain Range?

62.Which type of soil retains maximum water?

a) Finland b) Norway c) Denmark d) Sweden

a) Indian Ocean b) Arabian Sea c) Bay of Bengal d) Arctic


a) Indus b) Yenisei c) Mekong d) Yangtzee

a) Nanga Parbat b) Godwin Austin c) Nanda Devi d) Andes

a) Himalaya-Karakoram b) Tibet c) Alps d) Andes

a) Rocky b) Black c) Clayey d) Loamy

63.Which of the following is an igneous rock?

64.A narrow strip of island connecting two large areas of land is known as

65.Where is the world’s largest railway station?

66.Area wise biggest parliamentary constituency in 2004 election in India was

 c) Ladakh (J&K) d) Srinagar (J&K)

67.India’s first “ladies special” suburban train was started by which of the

railway zones of Indian railways?

68.Whom among the following had the longest tenure as the President of

a) Quartzite b) Peat c) Gypsum d) Granite

a) Strait b) Isthmus c) Archipelago d) Peninsula

a) U.S.A. b) Japan c) England d) Russia

a) Kutch (Gujarat) b) Barmer (Rajasthan)

a) Northern b) Eastern c) Southern d) Western

a) Dr. Rajendra Prasad b) Dr. Zakir Hussain

 c) V.V. Giri d) Dr. S.


69.Who was the first Prime Minister of Indian who did not face the parliament

during his tenure?

70.Who was the first woman Chief Justice of High Court of India?

71.Who was the first Indian to climb Mount Everest without oxygen?

72.When was our National Anthem first sung and where?

a) Charan Singh b) Moraji Desai

c) Guljari Lal Nanda d) Lal Bahadur Shastri

a) Miss Fatima Beevi b) Miss Anna Chandi

 c) Anna George Malohtra d) Miss Leila Seth

a) Tenzing Norgay b) Phu Dorjee c) Nwanng Gombhu d)

None of them

a) Jan 24, 1950 in Calcutta b) Jan 24, 1950 in Allahabad

 c) Dec 27, 1911 in Calcutta d) Jan 24, 1950 in


73.Before accepting Tiger as National animal of the India which of the

following was national animal?

74.Who is the first recipient of Bharatha Ratna award in 1954?

a) Cow b) Lion c) Panther d) Bull

a) C. Rajagopalachari b) S. Radhakrishnan

 c).C.V. Raman d) Jawahar Lal Nehru

75. The award instituted to honour outstanding Agricultural Scientists is

a) Bhatnagar Award b) Dada Bai Naoroji Award

 c) Arjuna Award d) Borlaug Award

76.In parliamentary budget speech of 2006-07 by Finance Minster, how many

ultra mega power projects of 4000 MW to be cleared before 31sd

December 2006

77.What is the total outlay for the year 2006-07 for Railways?

78.What is the G.D.P. growth percent during 2005-06 at current prices?

79. What is the G.D.P. forecast for the year 2006-07?

80.What is the critical element in capturing incomes and expenditure;

scrutiny of Annual Information Returns?

a) Two b) Six c) Five d) Nine

a) Rs.125 billion b) Rs.153 billion

c) Rs.201 billion d) Rs.160 billion.

a) 11 % b) 12.2 % c) 9 % d) 12.5%

a) 7.5 % b)7.9% c)9 % d) 8.5 to 9 %

a) Bank accounts b) Permanent Account Number (PAN)

 c) Fixed deposit d) Total Investment in Shares

81.What is the increase in India forex reserves during 2006?

82.Name the richest person in the world?

83.Name the richest person in the India?

a) Rs.1000 billion b) Rs.1200 billion

c) Rs.952 billion d) Rs.1280 billion

a) Bill Gates b) lakshmi Mittal c) Mukesh Ambani d) Carlos


a) Lakshmi Mittal b) Ajim Premji c) Anil Ambani d)

Mukesh Ambani

84.National Social Assistance Programme of Government of India provides

a) Security to old age persons b) Old age pension to

c) Medical Insurance to old age persons d) Insurance covered to

85.What is the Defence expenditure proposed during 2006-07?

86.Philogy is the

87.Ecology deals with

88.Study of life in outer space is known as

a) Rs.89000 crores b) Rs. 69000 crores

c) Rs.120000 crores d) Rs.49000 crores

a) Study of bones b) Study of muscles

c) Study of architecture d) Science of languages

a) Birds b) Relation between organisms and their

environment c) Cell formation d) Tissues

a) End biology b) Enterobiology c) Exobiology d) Neobiology

89.What is the S.I. unit of temperature?

a) Kelvin b) Celsius c) Centigrade d)


90. The apparatus used in submarines to give a clear view of the object on

the surface of the ocean or ground is known as

91.Light year is related to

92.Joule is the unit

93.Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales gives the same reading at

94.Who among the following described protoplasm as the physical basis of

a) Sextant b) Stereo Scope c) Periscope d)


a) Energy b) Distance c) Speed d) intensity

A) Energy b) temperature c) Pressure d) Heat

a) -32 degrees b) -273 degrees c) -40 degrees d) -100 degrees

95.Who invented typewriter

96.Who invented circulation of blood in human body?

a) Leen Weenhock b) J.C. Bose c) Rudolf Virchow d) T.H.


a) Shokley b) Sholes c) Pascal d) Waterman

a) William Harvey b) Edward Jenner c) Joseph Lister d) Jonon

97.Choose correct combination

a) Typewriter - Remington b) Evolution-Darwin

 c) Dynamic-Dunlop d) Aeroplane-Harvey

98.Wright brothers are regarded inventors of the

99.Oxygen was discovered by

100. The velocity of light was first measured by

a) Balloon b) Bicycle c) Aeroplane d) None of them

a) Ruther Ford b) William Ramsay c) Neills Bohr d) Priestly

a) Romer b) Einstein c) Newton d) Galileo
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