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Calicut University B.Com Advertising Management 2007 Question Paper

Calicut University
Question Paper Code : M 3617
Final Year B.Com. Degree (Supplementary) Examination, September 2007
Additional Paper – II
Advertising Management
Time: 3 Hours                Max. Marks 80

Answer any ten questions. Each question carries 1 mark.

1.Define Advertising.
2.What is Advertisement copy?
3.What is meant by point of purchase advertising?
4.Define primary advertising.
5.Define comparative advertising.
6.What is sky advertising?
7.What do you mean by sales letter?
8.Define advertisement media.
9.State any two demerits of magazines as a medium of advertisement.
10.What is outdoor advertising?
11.What is meant by celerity advertising?
12.Define shortage advertising.

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