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Benefits and Side Effects of Endura Mass

Are you planning to gain your weight ? Want to gain your weight ? Do you think Endura Mass effective ? This article will help you to find the what are benefits and side effects of endura mass. You can also find solution to, (1) how to use endura mass, (2) how to take endura mass with meal (3) how to eat endura mass powder (4) how many times you can use endura mass (5) is endura mass a perfect weight gainer? (6) What are all the flavours of endura mass (7) When to take endura mass (8) is endura mass safe for pregnant women (9) Can you take enduramass with hot milk (10) Can persons with old age take endura mass and get better result ? and so on.

Endura mass review

Endura mass is a famous protein supplements made for over weighted persons. Underweight is the major problem the present generation people suffer from. So they want to increase their weight. This endura mass is the perfect solution to them. However, knowing about the endura mass before eating it, is the best thing first. If you are the one among them, you can use endura mass to gain your weight. You can take it in daily diet.

The endura mass power has zero no-vegetarian ingredients, proteins and energy. Ingredients are of 416 kcal Calories, 79 gram Carbohydrate, 4.5 gram Crude Fat and 15 gram Protein with soy proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins.

How to take endura mass

You can take 4-5 teaspoon of endura power mixed with milk or any other juice or hot water. You can eat bananas after taking the milkshake. You can 2 or 3 times a day. There are Vanilla, Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate. What ever flavour you like, use it. General all age group people can take this endura mass to increase weight. But it is advisable not to use for under aged, below 15 years. As it contains sugar, diabetes patients should not use it.

Where to buy Endura mass

You can purchase endura mass from online market as well as offline market. Generally, it costs around Rs. 525 for 500 gram pack, Rs. 975 for 1 Kg. pack and Rs. 2650 for 3 Kg. pack.  

Benefits and Side Effects

For normal persons, there will be no side effects. Pregnant women, Sugar Patients, Under aged children should avoid using endura mass, as side effects chances are more for them. Renal diseases persons should not use it. 

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