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B.E ECE Industrial Electronics 2007 Question Paper

Looking for AU Chennai Industrial Electronics Old Question Papers ? You can here download B.E ECE Industrial Electronics question paper asked in the year 2007.

2007 Anna University Chennai B.E Electrical and Electronics Engineering INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS Question paper


PART A-(10*2=20)
1. Write the transfer function of a Second order Process element.

2. Draw a signal conditioner circuit for force transducer.

3. What are the advantages of digital controllers?

4. What is the significance of Data Acquisition Systems.?

5. What is latching current in an SCR?

6. State the application of Serve Amplifiers.

7. What type of electronic control circuit is used in a strip tension control system?

8. What is hardening in welding time in welding control?

9. Draw the basic control block diagram for robot manipulators.

10. What type of interface circuits are used to connect a microprocessors with a robot.


11. (a) Explain the static and dynamic response of motion transducer with necessary diagrams (Or)

(b) Draw the simplified block diagram of a liquid level process and explain its static and dynamic response.

12 (a) With a neat diagram explain the analog PID controller .Discuss the performance for various error constants.(Or)

(b) Explain the various firing circuits used in thyristor based Power interface .Discuss also the design details.

14.(a) Explain the edge guide control mechanism with the neat diagram.(Or)

(b)With necessary diagram and flowchart explain the Automatic weighing system.

15. (a) Discuss the general considerations on trajectory planning in Robot ? (Or)

(b) Explain the operation of a continuous path Robot with the flow chart. 
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