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August 2013 Question Paper of Dr. MGR University Physical Pharmaceutics

Dr. MGR University Question Paper
(LD 4256) AUGUST 2013 Sub. Code: 4256
Q.P. Code: 564256
Time: Three Hours Maximum: 100 marks
I. Elaborate on: (2X20=40)
1. a) Explain objectives, procedures and limitations of accelerated stability
b) Explain briefly on degradation and stabilization of pharmaceutical
2. What is complexation and brief about different types of complexes?
Explain any two methods of complex analysis.
II. Write notes on: (8X5=40)
1. Briefly explain the diffusion principles in biological systems
2. Write short notes on different colloidal systems
3. Explain protein binding of drugs.
4. Discuss Sedimentation technique that used for particle size analysis.
5. Describe Cone and Plate viscometer
6. Explain instabilities of emulsion
7. Explain pharmaceutical applications of surfactants according to HLB values.
8. Discuss shear thickening systems with suitable examples.
III. Short Answers on: (10X2=20)
1. Factors causing breaking in emulsion
2. Zeta potential
3. Noyes Whitney equation
4. Define Yield value in plastic systems
5. Thixotrophy
6. Porosity
7. Define Glidants with suitable examples.
8. Buffer capacity
9. Dissolution
10. Factors influencing CMC
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