Friday, January 29, 2016

AU Chennai B.E Civil 6th Semester R-2013 Syllabus PDF

Looking for 6th Semester B.E Civil Syllabus of R-2013 ? You can download it here. Read details below.

University : Anna University Chennai
Department : B.E Civil Engineering
Semester : VI
Regulation : 2013
Type of Materials Attached : Syllabus
Total Number of Subjects : Theory - 06, Practical - 02

1. CE6601 Design of Reinforced Concrete & Brick Masonry Structures
2. CE6602 Structural Analysis II
3. CE6603 Design of Steel Structures
4. CE6604 Railways, Airports and Harbour Engineering
5. CE6605 Environmental Engineering II
6. Elective I [ Note: The elective paper is subject to change from college to college ]

1. CE6611 Environmental Engineering Laboratory
2. CE6612 Concrete and Highway Engineering Laboratory

Download Link : [Syllabus of CE6601, CE6602, CE6603, CE6604, CE6605, CE6611, CE6612 ]

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