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Antennas and Wave Propagation, Kakatiya University B.Tech ECE 2013 Question Paper

Kakatiya University, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, B.Tech ECE, 2nd Semester, Antennas and Wave Propagation 2013 Question Paper Free Download


Question Paper Code : 7220/2


Exam Year : 2013

B.Tech. III/IV Year ECE II-Semester Examination


Time : 3 hours

Maximum marks : 100

Answer all questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. (a) Define:
(i) Aperture area
(ii) Effective Height
(iii) Polarisation.

(b) What are linear arrays?

(c) Explain the principle of multiplication of patterns.

(d) Sketch the Sectoral horns.

(e) Describe the following :
(i) Space wave propagation
(ii) Duct Propagation.

2. (a) Define the terms directivity and power gain. Show that the directivity of a short current element is 1.5.

(b) Derive the expressions for the electric and magnetic fields radiated by a half wavelength dipole antenna.


(c) What is retarded potential ? Explain different approaches to solve radiation problems.

(d) A half wave transmitting antenna radiates 10 kW of power at 100 MHz. If the heights of transmitting and receiving antennas are 100 and 9 m, calculate the power received at a distance of 10 kms from the transmitting antenna.

3. (a) State the advantages and disadvantages of Rhombic antenna.

(b) Draw the radiation pattern for travelling wave antenna for L= ?/2, ?, 2?, 4? and 8?.


(c) Compare Resonant and Non Resonant antennas.

(d) Explain how a Rhombic antenna is formed by a V- antenna and an inverted V- antenna.

4. (a) Explain how the radiation pattern of the folded dipole will be modified with the addition of a reflector and two director elements.

(b) Bring out the differences between Active and Passive Corner Reflectors. What are retroreflectors?


(c) Explain the principle of operation of dielectric lens antenna.

(d) Write short notes on " radiation from sectoral horn".

5. (a) Write short notes on " M curves and their characteristics ".

(b) Show that the radius of the curvature of ray path is given by 2/(d?/dh) for tropospheric waves.


(c) Derive the fundamental equation for free space propagation.

(d) A police radio transmitter operating at a frequency of 1.69 GHz is required to provide a ground wave having a strength of 0.5 mV/m at a distance of 16 km. The transmitter antenna having and
efficiency of 50% produces a radiating field proportional of cos?. The ground wave has s = 5 x 10^-5 mho/cm and ?r = 15. Calculate the power transmitted.

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