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AKU Engineering Mechanics Syllabus

AKU Engineering Mechanics Syllabus Free Download

Are you looking for syllabus of Engineering Mechanics in AKU University ? You can get it here.
University : AKU
Study Materials : Syllabus
Engineering Mechanics
Course Code 21 1×01                                         L-T-P : 3-0-3  (Credit : 5)
Theory :

Statics : Force System : Moment of a force about a point and an axis; Equivalent force and moment, Wrench. [Lecture: 7]
Equilibrium : Free body diagram; equations of equilibrium; problems in two and three dimension; plane frames and trusses .  [Lecture: 6]
Friction :  Laws of Coulomb friction, impending motion problems involving large and small contact surfaces ; square threaded screw; principle of virtual work and stability. [Lecture: 8]
Dynamics : Kinematics and kinetics of particles dynamics in rectangular coordinates cylindrical coordinates and in terms of path variables. [Lecture: 6]
Properties of areas : Center of mass; Moments of inertia; kinematics of rigid bodies; Chasle’s Theorem, concept of fixed vector; velocity and acceleration of particles in different frames of references. General plane motion; Euler’s equation of motion. [Lecture: 8]
Work & Energy and impulse and Momentum methods for particles and rigid bodies : Conservation of momentum, coefficient of restitution, moment of momentum equation. [Lecture: 7]
Note: (vector approach to mechanics will be followed for all the topics)

Text Books :
1. Engineering Mechanics by Shames, Pearson’s Education .
2. Mechanics for Engineers. Beer, F.P. and Johnston. Tata McGraw Hill. New Delhi
3. Engineering mechanics. Meriam Wiley Pub

Reference Books :
Engineering Mechanics. Timoshenko. McGraw Hill lnc.

Practical :

1. Practical based on mechanical advantage of different machines.
2. Moment of inertia.
3. Problem solving based on theory classes.
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