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MG University Compiler Construction B.Tech CSE Dec 2015 Question Paper

Looking for MG University Compiler Construction Old Question Papers ? Download here B.Tech CSE 7th Semster Compiler Construction November 2015 question paper.
Mahatma Gandhi University Question Paper
November 2015 Exam
Course: B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
Semester: 7
Subject Code: CS010 702
Subject: Compiler Construction
Time Duration: 3:00 hours
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 40

Part A [5*3=15 marks]

1. Define phases of compiler.

2. What is recursive descent parsing ?

3. Define runtime stack.

4. Define ICG.

5. Define various types of errors.

Part B [5*5=25 marks]

6. Dreaw a DFD that accepts the four reserved words case, const and continue from c language.

7. Explain shift reduce parsing.

8. Discuss memory allocation in block structured languages.

9. Explain quadruples.

10. Discuss data descriptors.

Part C [5*12=60 marks]

11. Explain the tokens using regular expressions.
12. Discuss the lexical analysis and its role.

13. Given the following grammar contract SLR parsing X->YX/Z, Y->XY/W table for string ZWWZ.
14. Explain operator precedence parsing.

15. Explain memory allocation strategies.
16. Discuss the role of declaration statements in intermediate code generation.

17. Explain machine dependent and independent code optimization technique.
18. Give the semantic rules for declarations in a procedure.

19. Write a note on (i) cross compilers; (ii) Incremental compilers.
20. Explain the basic issues in code generation.

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