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University Of Pune Question Paper,ENGINEERING GEOLOGY,2010 Question Paper,S.E. (Civil) (First Semester)

University Of Pune Question Paper
S.E. (Civil) (First Semester) EXAMINATION, 2010
(2008 PATTERN)
Time : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 100
N.B. :— (i) Answers to the two Sections should be written in separate
(ii) Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.
(iii) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
(iv) Assume suitable data, if necessary.
(v) All questions are compulsory.
1. (a) Distinguish between plutonic and volcanic rocks and describe
any two rocks from each category. [8]
(b) Describe Hardness as a physical property of mineral. [3]
(c) Explain the process of decomposition of rocks in detail. [5]
(a) How parallel structures in metamorphic rocks are developed ?
Explain the process in detail. [8]
(b) How variation in length of transportation leads to development
of different sedimentary rocks ? Explain it. [8]
2. Write notes on :
(a) Climatic changes during Gondwana period. [5]
(b) Youthful stage of a river. [5]
(c) Field characters of Deccan Trap Basalt. [6]
(a) Give a comparative account of Peninsula and extra Peninsula
divisions of India. [6]
(b) Gondwana coal. [4]
(c) Two features developed due to river erosion. [6]
3. (a) Explain the different features resulted due to action of
compressional type of tectonic forces. [8]
(b) Write a note on angular and non-conformity. [6]
(c) Explain Sill and Phaccolith as igneous intrusions. [4]
(a) How are rocks faulted ? Describe various types and parts of
a fault. [12]
(b) Explain the terms conformable series and Inlier and
Outlier. [6]
4. Write notes on :
(I) (a) Fracture surfaces of drill cores. [6]
(b) Quality and Quantity of returning drill water. [5]
(II) With the help of figure-1 (attached) answer :
(a) Identify the feature as shown by an arrow. [1]
(b) Number of series of beds and their sequence. [4]
(a) Remote sensing Techniques. [4]
(b) Explain the methods of surface and subsurface survey as a
part of geological investigations at a project site. [12]
5. Write notes on :
(a) Focus, Epicentre and Isoseismal lines. [6]
(b) Types of volcanic eruptions. [5]
(c) Vertical distribution of Groundwater. [5]
(a) Will you align a road along the slope of a hill where dip
and slope are in the same direction ? Explain it. Also add
a note on preventive measures against landslides. [12]
(b) Contact springs in Deccan trap area. [4]
6. (a) Feasibility of tunnelling in tectonic areas. [9]
(b) Relationship between type of dam and local geology. [5]
(c) Treatment to be given to a fracture crossing dam
alignment. [4]
(a) Dams on Limestones and Marbles. [6]
(b) Will you align a tunnel in E ↔ W direction of dipping sedimentary
beds exhibiting true dip towards North ? Give reasons. [5]
(c) Geological features leading to leakage below a dam. [7]
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