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University Of Pune Question Paper,INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT, T.E. (Mechanical) (Semester – I),2010 Question Paper,

University Of Pune Question Paper
T.E. (Mechanical) (Semester – I) Examination, 2010
(2003 Course)
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 100
 Instructions : i) All questions are compulsory.
ii) Options are given within a question.
iii) Use separate answer sheet for each Section.
iv) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary.
v) Assume suitable data, if necessary.
1. a) Explain the various techniques and tools used in industrial engineering. 8
b) Explain the relation between method study and productivity of a factory. 6
c) Write limitations of time study. 4
a) Compare method study and time study. 8
b) Following data refers to the time study carried in a machine shop. If relaxation
and contingency allowances are 15% and 3% of normal time respectively,
calculate standard time of the operation. 6
Element Observed Time (min) Performance Rating (%)
1 1.29 85
2 2.13 90
3 0.18 80
4 3.57 95
5 2.97 85
c) What are the criteria for qualified worker ? 4
2. a) With the help of suitable examples explain the scope of Ergonomics. 8
b) What is Man-machine system ? Explain its important characteristics. 8
a) Explain the significance of Anthropometry. How it is useful in workplace
design ? 8
b) Explain the relationship between Ergonomics and safety. 8
3. a) What is the necessity to calculate productivity of a certain production system ?
How it is evaluated ? 8
b) How Motivation will help to inhance the productivity of a company ? Explain
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. 8
a) Explain the following concepts : 8
i) Job Evaluation
ii) Merit Rating
b) Whether Management is an art or science ? Explain it with suitable justification. 8
4. a) What is importance of standard costing ? How it is calculated ? 8
b) Explain the following concepts : 8
i) Budgetary control
ii) Zero Based Budget (ZBB)
a) Explain the concept of variance analysis. What are various types of variances ? 8
b) Explain the following terms : 8
i) Transfer pricing
ii) Responsibility accounting
5. a) Explain the importance of facility planning with reference to its elements like
water, power, market, capital etc. 8
b) Explain, “Material handling system is an important factor of an industry”. 8
a) Explain the following layouts with their advantages and limitations : 8
i) Line type layout
ii) Process type layout
b) Explain the principles of plant layout with suitable examples. 8
6. a) Compare between MRP and JIT. 6
b) What is selective inventory techniques ? Explain FSN analysis in brief. 6
c) Discuss the important functions of production planning and control. 6
a) Explain in brief KANBAN production system. 6
b) Discuss the importance of sales forecasting. Explain any one method of sales
forecasting. 6
c) A factory requires 12000 units per year. The cost of procurement and set-up
is Rs. 80 and the cost of each unit is Rs. 6/-. If average inventory carrying
cost is 15% of total inventory cost calculate :
i) Economical Order Quantity (EOQ)
ii) Total cost of inventory
iii) Frequency of production run if production capacity is 60 units per day. 6
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