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University Of Pune Question Paper, FORENSIC SCIENCE & CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION PROCEDURE (Paper – I)2010 Question Paper , Certificate Course in Forensic and Medical Jurisprudence

University Of Pune Question Paper
Certificate Course in Forensic and Medical Jurisprudence
 Examination, 2010
(Paper – I)
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 100
N.B.: a) Answer any five.
b) All questions carry equal marks.
1. Trace the origin and historical development of Forensic Medicine in India.
2. What do you mean by Post-Mortem examination ? Also explain Medico-legal
aspect involved in it.
3. Discuss the following :
a) Identification of Fire-Arms. b) Chemical Analysis.
4. Critically analyse the principles of burden of proof under the Law of Evidence.
Explain how it shifts.
5. What is computer crime ? Suggest the various ways and means to present computer
6. Write notes on following :
a) Case history b) Bailable and non bailable offences.
7. Explain the various courts constituted under Criminal Procedure Code, 1973
along with their powers.
8. Write notes on the following :
a) Cognizable and Non-cognizable offence
b) Forming of charges.
9. State and explain the various provisions relating to presumption under the Evidence
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