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UEZA/UGEZA,Madras University Question Paper,2012 Question Paper,ENGLISH PAPER - I

Madras University Question Paper
Subject Code : UEZA/UGEZA
MAY 2012 U/ID 31501/
Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 marks
SECTION A — (40 marks)
1. (a) Language skills : (15 × 2 = 30)
 (i) Fill in the blanks with suitable
 (1) ——————– despised savage would
no more ask —————— Government
to spend ——————– thousand
pounds in building ———— house for
 (2) Once my mother and grand mother
horrified ——————– a particularly
lurid picture ——————– the cover
——————– one ————— my
Claude Duval books, told me to tear
it up.
 (ii) (1) Write the synonym of ‘menace’.
 (2) Write the antonym of ‘Practical’.
(8 pages)
 (iii) Choose the correct forms of verbs and fill in
the blanks.
 (1) That night I ——————– a huge
welsh Rabbit for supper (have, had)
 (2) You ——————– not have your name
printed in the telephone directory
(need, must)
 (iv) Add prefixes and suffixes to form new words:
 (1) Known
 (2) Delight
 (v) Add question tags to the following sentences.
 (1) I'm not on the telephone.
 (2) He laughed again.
 (vi) Rewrite as directed :
 (1) It is suggested by me (into active voice)
 (2) Don't talk about money (into passive
 (vii) Change as directed :
 (1) Ravi asked, ‘‘What do these letters
mean’’? (into indirect speech)
 (2) He said that in many ways it was an
admirable age (into direct speech)
 (viii) Substitute a single word for the following
group of words :
 (1) I moved with a velvet thread
 (2) Infact, he had rather a hard time of it.
 (ix) Combine into one sentence.
 (1) It is easy to win freedom. But it is
difficult to preserve it.
 (2) He had trials and tribulations. He
acted boldly.
 (x) Correct the error in the following sentences :
 (1) Two hundred rupees are a meagre
 (2) She was travelling in a bus.
 (xi) Punctuate the following passages using
capitals wherever necessary :
 as Caesar loved me i wept for him as he was
fortunate i rejoice at it as he was valiant
i honour him but as he was ambitious i slew
 (xii) Use any TWO of the following
idioms/phrases in sentences.
 Broke into, carry out, cut down, passed by.
 (xiii) Complete the sentences with
dependent/independent clauses:
 (1) If you work hard ——————–
 (2) ——————– unless you were in a
 (xiv) Rewrite the sentence in logical order :
 Some beautiful pictures are in this book
 (xv) Correct the spelling of the underlined words
to give correct meanings :
 (1) My mother is very fond of collecting
antic furniture.
 (2) His brother built a house Apposite the
local club.
 (b) Write a paragraph of about 100 words on any
ONE of the following (1 × 10 = 10)
 (i) Global warming
 (ii) Problems of mobile phone.
 SECTION B — (5 × 2 = 10 marks)
 Answer any FIVE questions in a sentence or Two.
2. How does a modern man reduce to a toothless
3. Why should you not read a book as if it were a
4. How does Basanquet define a right?
5. What does Gandhi expect of a woman?
6. Why does Wordsworth criticise rationality of man?
7. What is the nature of Brahma?
8. How does hope present Prometheus?
9. What does Kamala Das speak about her wedded
life and her ancestral home?
 SECTION C — (2 × 5 = 10 marks)
 Answer TWO of the following passages in about
50 words choosing atleast ONE from each group.
 Group A
10. When the typewriter has been into schools we may
have a generation who cannot write at all.
11. The only reason I ever read a book-in my spare
time, that is to say-is because I expect pleasure
from it.
12. The doctrine of laissez-faire will not work in the
material world.
 Group B
13. Let Nature be your teacher.
14. And laughter, learnt of friends; and gentleness
In hearts at peace, under an English heaven.
15. Far or forgot to me is near; shadow and sunlight
are the same;
 SECTION D — (2 × 5 = 10 marks)
 Write short notes in about 50 words on Two
choosing atleast ONE from each group.
 Group A
16. Why is Della sad on Christmas Eve?
17. Give the reasons for Rahim Khan's becoming hardhearted.

18. What is Rosemary's real purpose in taking the girl
 Group B
19. List the changes in the personality of Norman
Vincent Peale.
20. Describe the difference between the speeches of
Cicero and Demosthenes.
21. What is virtue in life?
 SECTION E — (3 × 10 = 30 marks)
 Write THREE essays in about 200 words choosing
atleast ONE from each group.
 Group A
22. How does Dean Inge compare the life of the
present day people with the life led by the people
of the olden days?
23. Describe Gokak's new theory of human values in
24. Bring out the humour in plomer's essay ‘‘on not
answering the telephone’’.
 Group B
25. Give a critical summary of the poem ‘The Tables
26. Summarise the thoughts contained in the poem
‘The soldier’.
27. How does Emerson describe Brahma?
 Group C
28. Narrate the story of ‘A Cup of Tea’ in your own
29. Justify the title of the story ‘Sparrows’.
30. Bring out the humour in ‘An Astrologer's Day’.
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