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Subject:English-II,Madras University Question Paper,Subject Code-SZB

Madras University Question Paper
Subject Code-SZB
MAY 2013 U/ID 4041/SZB
Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 marks
SECTION A — (50 marks)
Annotate any FIVE of the following choosing atleast two
from each group.
Answer Group A and either Group B or Group C.
1. (a) Our minds are like the flabby bodies of
sedentary city dwellers – inefficient and
imperfectly developed.
 (b) Every concrete particular, public or private
is a window opening on to the universal.
 (c) No woman whose appearance depended on
safety–pins can ever have felt really
 (d) To those who have, shall be given and from
those who have not, shall be taken away
even that which they have.
 (e) Pre–industrial man was never allowed to
forget the majestic movement of cosmic time.
(6 pages)
2 U/ID 4041/SZB
 (f) All the word's a stage,
 And all men and women merely players
 They have their exits and their entrances.
 (g) he lets me feed with his hands, bars me the
place of a brother, and, as much as in him
lies, mines my gentility, with my education.
 (h) Those that all good manners at the court are
as rediculous in the country as the behaviour
of the country is most mockable in the court.
 (i) .... the infant,
 mewling and puking in the nurses's arms.
 (j) Those that are in extremity of either are
abominable follows and betray themselves to
every modern censiense worse than
 (k) You are not wood, you are not stones, but
 (l) If reasons were as plentiful as black berriers,
I would give no man a reason upon
compulsion, I
 (m) A Daniel come to judgement! Yea, a Daniel!
 (n) You may as well go stand uopn on the beach
 And bid the main flood bate his usual height.
3 U/ID 4041/SZB
 (o) Will all great Neptunes’s ocean wash this
clean from my hard?
2. Write an essay in about 250 words : (1 × 10 = 10)
 (a) Summarise the views of Huxley on Leisure.
 (b) Explain the ideas of Huxley on the
relationship and distinction between
Literature and science.
3. Write an essay in about 250 words : (1 × 10 = 10)
 (a) Justify that ‘As you Like it’ is a comedy of
dialogue rather than a comedy of incident.
 (b) Bring out the distinguishing quality of the
character of Rosalind and Celia.
 (c) What are the seven stages of man?
 (d) Comment upon the merits and drawbacks of
life in the forest of Arden.
4 U/ID 4041/SZB
4. Write an essay in about 250 words : (1 × 10 = 10)
 (a) Discuss the women character in ‘The Mayor
of Casterbridge’.
 (b) Analyse the character of Donald Farfrae.
5. Write an essay in about 250 words : (1 × 10 = 10)
 (a) Discuss the role of Joshua Jopp.
 (b) Bring out the pessimism in The Mayor of
SECTION B — (50 marks)
6. (a) Correct the following sentence if necessary.
One of the finest books have been withdrawn
from general circulation.
 (b) Complete the sentence choosing from the
four alternative, the word which best
completes the sentence. (2)
 It is the true that the new baker has a
—————— bread.
 (i) Plenty
 (ii) few
 (iii) little
 (iv) large.
5 U/ID 4041/SZB
 (c) Use TWO of the following idioms/phrases in
sentence of your own : (2)
 (i) a flying visit
 (ii) hush money
 (iii) a package
 (iv) sleeping partner.
 (d) Fill in the blank with a correct tense form of
the verb given in brackets : (2)
 The story certainly —————— (appear) to
be true.
 (e) Use Two of the following phrasal verbs in
sentence of your own : (2)
 (i) hand over
 (ii) Call on
 (iii) wear out
 (iv) Pull through
7. Write a dialogue between the father and the son
who converse about higher studies in foreign
countries. (10)
8. Write a paragraph in about 150 words on the
following : (10)
 (a) Time and Tide wait for no man
 (b) A rainy day.
6 U/ID 4041/SZB
9. (a) Write a letter to the principal of your college
pointing out some of the difficulties you have
experienced in the college. (10)
 (b) Write a letter to your father saying you need
more money next month in owing to the
increase in the Hostel fees.
10. (a) An industrial house is thinking of starting a
school for the children of its workers. You, as
its prospective Head, have been asked to
submit a report on the project. Prepare a
report. (10)
 (b) You were involved in a road accident. Write a
report to the local police Superintendent
giving details of the accidents.

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